Have you ever wondered why the digital signage software cost is so affordable? What makes it cost so little compared to other software products in the marketplace? There are actually several good reasons, and I’d like to share three of them with you here today. Here’s the first one.

1) The Price of Digital Signage Comes Down Quickly

Digital signage used to be an expensive technology only major corporations could afford. Not anymore. Digital signage software has made it affordable for small and large businesses alike to put up video billboards that provide instant information and entertainment on a daily basis. If you’re looking to roll out digital signage in your business, here are three reasons why you can buy digital signage for a low price.

2) Equipment Pricing Goes Down Over Time

Digital signage software doesn’t need to be extremely expensive to provide benefits for your business. For example, digital signage software costs several thousand dollars initially, but that cost decreases every year. As a result, over time, you’ll likely see a return on investment—even if you don’t use your digital signage software on a daily basis. In fact, according to a study from PQ Media, display advertising generates $2.56 of revenue for every dollar spent; other types of marketing generate much less revenue per dollar invested. Digital signs are used in multiple industries and locations in addition to office spaces and shopping malls, so you can enjoy high visibility for your business no matter where it is located or what it sells.

3) You Can Buy the Basic Functionality at a Low Price

When you think of digital signage software, you might automatically assume that it’s cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses. However, there are plenty of affordable digital signage products on the market. Many digital signage providers offer an entry-level product at a very low price point. This basic product lets businesses display information in a digital format in places like waiting rooms and business lobbies. If your company grows and you need more features than what comes with basic pricing, many companies have additional licensing options for customers to purchase as their needs change over time.

What is the total cost of ownership?

The total cost of ownership refers to how much a piece of software will cost your business over its lifespan. This can include things like licensing fees, maintenance, installation costs, and more. In some cases, it may be helpful to think about the total cost of ownership as a sort of operating budget for software. The longer you keep a piece of software in use, for example, the more money you’ll spend on upkeep and maintenance. To learn more about all these factors—including what affects digital signage software TCO—read our total cost-of-ownership guide.

Long term cost

When you consider that purchasing and installing a digital signage software application will typically cost tens of thousands of dollars. It’s easy to see why some businesses are hesitant. The upfront cost might be very high, but it won’t take long before you begin reaping dividends from your investment in digital signage. It all comes down to how much business your new sign draws in. If you’re able to increase sales by even a few percentage points, paying for your expensive investment will be a breeze. For example, if your annual revenues are $2 million and you increase sales by just two percent thanks to digital signage. That’s only $40,000 more per year; clearly affordable for any business owner.