LED screens, known as flexible LED video walls, are the greatest evolution in visual technology. They are easy to bend, or you can just simply wrap them up.  

Undoubtedly, technology has covered us all over. Our daily lives are dominated by visuals that surround us and play a pivotal role in communicating with larger groups of people. Various event production companies offer LED wall hire and Audio-visuals to make it more appealing and keep everything in harmony.  

Why should you hire LED wall hire rentals? 

Well, there are numerous benefits LED wall hire provides, including tremendous visuals. LED wall hire is one of the better-performing technologies outdoors. However, the following are some of the  

LED screen rental is a good idea as they provide crisp displays in bright light and perform better outdoors. Let’s look into a thorough guide to LED screen hire and what are the key advantages of using an LED: 

Variety of benefits by hiring LED wall hire  

Highly energy-efficient  

LED screens don’t require much energy and voltage as compared to other traditional equipment. The maximum amount of electricity is transformed into energy; it is one of the most durable and efficient ways of visualising what you require. In particular, it is highly preferable for larger displays where you require equipment to consume less energy and provide more effective displays. This benefit makes them suitable for big displays and billboards as well. In addition, it helps to reduce the changes in electricity hazards. It’s one of the high-in-demand equipment for various events. 


LED screens emit a very small amount of heat and are suitable for the environment like no other traditional wall hire. Whereas they help to minimise energy usage and the production of any UVs and save the environment significantly. LED screens are very environmentally friendly in numerous ways. As they do not emit any greenhouse gases or don’t contain any harmful elements like mercury. It’s considerably one of the most sustainable choices in all the presented options. However, the durability and reduction in energy usage make it more efficient and effective. 

Have a higher life expectancy. 

Through various researchers, it has been recorded that a normal LED screen hire serves high durability and lasts long. Led displays are capable of surviving in any weather condition, whether rain or high heat waves. However, these conditions might possibly affect the age span of the LED screen. Let’s compare the competitor’s life span with LED wall hire. 

Fluorescent tubes Neon LED screens 
125 days 1250 days 3650 


However, finding the right LED screen in London is not a child’s play. There are hundreds of companies offering LED video wall hires in the UK. Let’s discuss some of the features and factors you must keep in mind while renting an LED screen hire in London. 

Pleasing Visuals  

The high-tech visual helps to create a special effect for the environment. It helps you make your event look more extravagant and luxurious. The clear and bright visuals help the audience to connect with the event more. 

Used in Variety of Events 

The variety of events requires more magnificent visuals and displays, whether corporate or any wedding. LED wall hires are required for various displays in any event to engage the audience.   

Durable and easy to install  

It requires very little assistance for installation as it’s very lightweight. Comparatively, it is very convenient to transport from one place to another because of its slim and sleek structure. You can operate it from anywhere, anytime, without any technicalities, as it doesn’t require any processing at the back end.  

Cost Effective Customisation 

LED screens are highly known for their cost-effectiveness. You can get a big-size LED video wall hire ranging between 300$ to 600$. However, the other screens are pretty expensive, and they consume more energy and other resources. 

Everything apart from the most amazing thing, it is highly customizable, including the sizes and shapes, whether you require a curved one or a straight, sleek wall. To make a better impression, avail of the customization option and personalise the experience.  

Analysing the market value 

The market value is the first thing you should analyse for any LED screen hire company. How well are they reputed, and how many events or rentals have they made so far. Make sure you enlist companies that have been in the industry for almost 5 years if you are planning an event with a big audience.  

How can you analyse the market value? 

You can easily gather the online feedback given by their previous clients. Read the testimonials before narrowing down the list. It is very effective if you list down the list of companies referred by your own friends and family.  

Choose a cost-effective one.  

Gathering all the requirements and analysing the cost provided in the market for the requirements, you must choose a company that provides better packages and allows customised experience. 

How can you determine which company is more cost-effective?  

Contact the shortlisted companies and tell them your requirements thoroughly, including other expenditures or delivery or maintenance. Once you are done, please request a complete quote and compare it with each other. Whichever company is offering you the best services with the least amount, go for it. 

  • Critically Evaluate the tech-team 

Tech teams are the backbones of any LED screen hire company, as they can make or break the whole event. The whole event stands on the basis of the tech team as they set up the whole ambiance and make sure there’s no malfunctioning in any system. 

How can you evaluate the tech team? 

Tech-team evaluation Is pretty easy: run a background check to see whether the team is professional and reliable. Was there any malfunctioning in any past conducted events, and how well they have tackled it.  

Variety of equipment and high-tech quality  

Make sure the company you are choosing has a variety of equipment and well functions of high technological quality. It provides greater visual experiences and diversity to play with. In fact, with the right company, you get a concession on maintenance and insurance of equipment. 

How do we know whether they have high-tech tech equipment or not? 

First, get your own research done on the latest equipment. Furthermore, add a request to the company for the list of the equipment they have and what advancements they offer for maintenance. Must ask for maintenance and equipment captivity details. 


In a few years, the growth rate of the led wall hire market has accelerated. Especially in London, as it is the trade hub, corporate events highly appreciate the more extravagant visuals. However, finding the right LED wall hire company is not that tricky, but finding the right LED screen hire in London could be time-consuming. Make it simple to list down some of the reputed companies, like EMS events and LED wall hire, and evaluate them on the basis of your checklist. Read the blog to understand the necessities you must check while choosing a rental company to make your event successful.