Advantages Of Touch Screen Digital Signage Software For Any Modern Business 2023

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Why Use Touch Screen Digital Signage Systems?

Whether it’s an interactive billboard, information kiosk, or restaurant menu, touch-screen digital signage improves efficiency and adds impact to the customer experience. KiwiSign now offers digital signage software that’s designed for touch screen signage. With our affordable player and easy-to-use software, even small businesses can use touch screens to engage, inform and inspire visitors. The KiwiSign digital signage player connects via WiFi to access our cloud software without slowing down your WiFi signal.

What Are The Digital Signage Software For Touch Screens?

The KiwiSign digital signage player features an HDMI connector that plugs into any monitor, so it works with most existing digital signage hardware. All it needs is a power outlet and a WIFI connection to access the included software. Like the rest of our KiwiSign software, our best touch screen digital signage software is easy to use. Upgrade your existing touch-screen signage and treat your customers to a dynamic, engaging experience. Control your touch screen displays from anywhere, via computer or smartphone app.

How Touch Screen Signage Improves Shopping, Travel & Dining Experiences?

The future is here as touch screen digital signage helps to create interactive and enhanced shopping, travel, and dining experiences for customers. KiwiSign digital signage software powers the touch-screen technology used for restaurant menus, in-store shopping kiosks, and directories for malls, conference centers, airports and hotels. These digital signage systems make it easy for customers to quickly place an order. Travelers prefer the speed of consulting a user-friendly touch screen for information or directions.

Easy-to-Use Touch Screen Digital Signage Software

How To Increase Engagement With Interactive Digital Displays?

Touch-screen digital signage systems are a proven way to increase engagement among large groups of visitors, employees, or students. Large format screens can convey important information at a glance, or present interactive experiences with images and video. Kiosks and small screens might collect customer data, encourage learning with a short quiz, or direct conference visitors with an interactive schedule and map. Everyone benefits from reduced wait times and easy access to the information they need.

What Are The Digital Signage Systems For Visitor Management?

High-traffic venues like hotels, airports and conference centers use digital signage software to manage large numbers of visitors. Touch-screen lobby check-in and interactive way-finding signs help visitors move smoothly to their destination. Meeting room schedules and signs are kept up to date from a central location, connected wirelessly to digital signage hardware like tablets and tv screens. More convenient for visitors, modern digital signage systems save time, reduce the need for staff, and improve venue security. Give your guests a seamless experience with digital signage for visitor management.

What Are The Touch-Screen Digital Signage For Retailers?

The “endless aisle” is here, as retailers integrate e-commerce directly into stores by installing digital signage systems. Today’s omnishoppers expect consistent interactions with your brand whether they visit by computer, smartphone, or in store. With touch-screen digital ordering, customers enjoy the convenience of online shopping while being able to see a product’s quality and other details in person. KiwiSign’s touch-screen digital signage software is an easy and affordable way to upgrade your retail space with interactive screens, 4k video and high-quality images.

The Best Digital Menu Boards For Restaurants

The best digital menu for a high-traffic restaurant is an interactive menu board or kiosk. Customers prefer using touch-screen menus, and they simplify the ordering process, increasing sales and reducing the need for staff. Upgrade your existing touch screen menu system with KiwiSign’s digital signage player – just plug it into the HDMI port. Our touch-screen software lets you create digital menus that promote your restaurant’s unique brand. Change the menu display automatically for breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts. Update menu selections and prices instantly (from anywhere in the world) with KiwiSign’s app for iPhone and Android.

Where To Buy An Affordable Digital Signage Player?

KiwiSign’s digital signage player is a simple, affordable way to manage your touch-screen signs. With a plug-and-play device and plans starting at just $25 per month, we make it easy to upgrade and manage your interactive digital displays. Keep your existing touch-screen devices; the KiwiSign digital signage player plugs into any HDMI port and connects to our cloud software via WiFi. Upload and create content in the KiwiSign App, and keep your digital signage displays up to date. Reduce or eliminate the costs of printing menus, signs, and brochures; collecting data; or staffing a large floor area.

Touch screen technology has become a cornerstone of our modern, connected lives; most people are comfortable using a tablet or smartphone. Upgrading the way we display and use information by adding touch-screen digital signage makes perfect sense.

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