Here’s what makes KiwiSign so special.

FeatureKiwiSignKiwiSign vs. Competition
EASY TO USENo coding required with KiwiSign, our interface is extremely simple and you can control one or many signs at once through our simple dashboard with the swipe of a finger on any web browser or with our app.
ALWAYS UP TO DATE ON YOUR SCHEDULE WITH CONTENT SCHEDULERMost of the competition does not have a scheduling feature. That means that they only allow you to change what is on the sign right now, live. KiwiSign allows you to schedule what you want to run into the future giving you flexibility for events and planning for future promotions.
ADVANCED DATA SECURITYMost of the competition does not offer any data security. The KiwiSign platform is built with data security not only on the web interface but also in the device itself.
TV / MONITOR HARDWARE AGNOSTICMost of the competition does not offer any data security. The KiwiSign platform is built with data security not only on the web interface but also in the device itself.
SUPPORTS IMAGES, VIDEO, AND INTERACTIVE CONTENTMany of the competition will support only images. KiwiSign will support not only high res images but also 4K video and interactive content.
ONE DEVICE - INFINITE POSSIBILITIESWhether you are trying to control a TV, a billboard, a digital menu board, a touch screen, a monitor, a video wall, or a projector, KiwiSign can control them all and can be swapped from to the other on the fly. The Kiwi used to control today’s menuboard can power tomorrow’s video wall.
REMOTE CONNECTIVITY ACROSS THE GLOBEBecause KiwiSign is WIFI enabled, it does not matter how close you are to the sign or screen to make updates. You can control signage across the planet from our simple dashboard on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.
LOW BANDWIDTH - NO STREAMING NEEDEDOur patent pending system differentiates KiwiSign from all of the competition in that it is low bandwidth and is not a streaming device. Streaming devices can be a network killer, taking up to 100 Mb each of your network bandwidth. KiwiSign’s patented technology only downloads images and graphics as you need them according to your schedule, so it stays lightweight on your network bandwidth. More importantly, when the internet goes out, KiwiSigns continue to work as opposed to the competition whom without a constant network connection go dark.
WIRELESS CONNECTIVITYKiwiSigns have wired and wireless connectivity capabilities with a powerful antenna to ensure control when you need it.
SIMPLE DASHBOARD – UP AND RUNNING IN MINUTES Our simple interface allows you to plug and play. Allowing you to effortlessly update and change many signs at once easily.
SUPPORTS 4K MEDIAMost of the competition will only support 1080 HD. KiwiSign will support 4K video.
LOWEST OVERALL COST SIGNAGE OPTIONSBecause of their flexibility and updatability, KiwiSign is the lowest overall cost of any signage, digital or analog, from banners to billboards. The overall cost for updating your signage will be the least with a KiwiSign.
ROCKSTAR SUPPORTThe competition typically has limited website form submission support, whereas KiwiSign has support via chat, phone, and email, all right through your dashboard.
WARRANTYWe support any active KiwiSign with subscription – period. If your KiwiSign is not working, contact us and we will make sure it is.
UNLIMITED USERSMost of the competition restricts users for their sign control to one. KiwiSign allows you to have as many users as you require.
CAVERNOUS FILE STORAGEKeeping all of your imagery as well as your videos in one simple library is the easiest way to maintain your graphic inventory for all of your signage. Most of the competition will only allow a small space for you to store your video and image files. KiwiSign gives you a cavernous file storage space so you don’t have to constantly delete files to make your signs work.
SUPPORTS INTERACTIVE CONTENT FOR KIOSKSMost of the competition will only support images or video. KiwiSign supports images, video, and interactive content simultaneously, so you can create touchscreen kiosks.
MULTI LOCATION FRIENDLYMost other sign control systems are made to edit one sign at a time. KiwiSign can update one or thousands of signs instantly.
SUPPORTS MULTIPLE MEDIA TYPESKiwiSign supports all standard media types for images, video, and web content.
ROBUST DESIGNKiwiSign has a robust fanless design in a durable case for higher dependability in the field. It is not a hobbyist Raspberry Pi or bare circuit board you need to program.
KIWI ICE AI is KiwiSign’s patent pending artificial intelligence that can be added to deliver data from every sign regarding customer engagement and interaction, all without collecting any personal customer data.