With the heightened number of environmental issues threatening society, human health, and the earth’s atmosphere, there is an urgent need for rectification. Many industries have already started incorporating eco-friendly materials in their products from various apparel to furniture.

The only thing left is to introduce sustainable features in the supply process of these goods. E-commerce platforms are also incorporating sustainable approaches in their supply chain management, from packaging to storing to delivery, everything will be done in an eco-friendly manner.

Implementing Nature-Friendly Initiatives For A More Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Sustainability in e-commerce is bound to reshape the whole dynamics of this industry. Moreover, the e-commerce platform, eBay, has set this plan in motion by proving to be a pioneer in sustainability within the online shopping platforms. 

So, if you want to Android App Development , follow the below-provided steps towards building a sustainable e-commerce website.


Packaging is the most essential part of adhering to sustainability approaches for e-commerce platforms. Many online shopping platforms utilize eco-friendly products in their packaging to participate in the Go Green movement worldwide. Some packaging options you can apply are;

  • Plastic is mainly used in packaging because of its easy accessibility and cost-effective features but it is non-biodegradable. However, you can incorporate degradable products like paper and wood, that are sustainable and also do the job.
  • Another option is to utilize recycled products for your packaging which is also a safer alternative.
  • You should also pay attention to the size of your packaging to not waste resources and utilize only the appropriate amount of substance needed.
  • Market your environmentally friendly initiatives and approaches with the public and your users to encourage them to join in your campaign towards a sustainable future.


Shipping is the second most important part of making your supply process sustainable. Cultivating an effective strategy to provide eco-friendly shipping methods could greatly reduce carbon emissions and footprints in the world. Some sustainable shipping ways are;

  • Offer mostly delivery options to your customers to reduce carbon emissions from cars on every single delivery shipment. 
  • Remove the option of express shipping from your platform and only make it available for certain products or specific emergencies.
  • You can also avail of sustainable delivery services that offer environmentally friendly procurement options with less fuel consumption and renewable energy resources.
  • You can also limit the use of the pickup option and promote the delivery of every product from grocery to healthcare.

Return Policies

The mismanagement of logistics contributes greatly to the increase in carbon emissions and fuel consumption. Some ideas to minimize this problem are;

  • You should work on your return policy and communicate with your customers that unreasonable returns will not be entertained. 
  • Offer an adequate agreement with discounts or free items on the next purchase request, if they decide to drop their return idea while providing them fulfillment.
  • Apply transparency on your product information and delivery details every step of the way so the customers know when the shipment is coming and reduce the chances of return of the parcel.

The Bottom Line

These are all the steps; e-commerce platforms can take in making their supply management system sustainable and eco-friendly. With more and more people turning towards organic and nature-friendly options, sustainability is the new trend that is revolutionizing the way world operates.