5 Digital Menu Boards Features You Should Consider Before Buying

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What Are Digital Menu Boards?

Digital Menu Boards allow restaurants, cafes, and food trucks to customize and update menu displays quickly and easily by combining a digital display with app-based software. Replace printed menu signs, chalkboards or static digital menus with dynamic menu displays that promote your brand and keep customers engaged. Use Digital Menu Boards to schedule automatic menu updates any time of day.

KiwiSign’s simple digital signage player plugs into the HDMI port on any monitor or TV screen, and starts displaying the menu right away. All you need is a power outlet and a WIFI connection to upgrade your existing digital displays and treat your customers to dynamic, engaging menus with KiwiSign. Control your Digital Menu Board from anywhere, via computer or smartphone app.

Better Branding At Lower Cost

Best Digital Menu Boards reinforce your restaurant brand’s identity by displaying your custom menu designs. They also offer an impressive returns on investment. Create flexible displays that make the ordering process faster and more efficient. Increase sales with enticing menu descriptions and high-quality images. Reduce or eliminate the cost and hassle of traditional signage and printed menus.

Easy to Use Digital Menu Board Software

KiwiSign’s menu board app lets you change your menu display or update prices with the click of a button, from your phone. Control your KiwiSign displays from your computer’s browser using our online software. Instantly update Digital Menu Boards at multiple restaurant locations with daily specials or market pricing. Schedule menus in advance to coincide with breakfast, lunch, and dinner shifts. You can learn more about it here: https://kiwisign.com/digital-signage-solutions/

Touchless Restaurant Menus

Touch-free menus are becoming increasingly popular as restaurants and entertainment venues work to limit the spread of germs. Upgrade your venue to digital menu boards and create a safer environment for both customers and employees. Limit the spread of germs by replacing printed menus and brochures with digital menu displays large enough to be read from a safe distance. Use KiwiSign’s unique digital signage player for existing TV screens, or install digital monitors that are dedicated to menu displays.

Use Digital Menu Boards Outdoors Too

Outdoor digital menu board displays are ideal for outdoor patio and sidewalk seating. Catch the attention of passersby with photos and animated graphics that promote your brand. Feature daily specials and keep prices updated to make ordering easy for outdoor guests.

Waterproof Digital Players For Outdoor Signage

The KiwiSign digital signage player is a simple dongle that plugs in to any monitor. They’re designed to last, with a durable cover for indoor signage players and a waterproof case for outdoor use. Whether you need a menu board for indoor our outdoor dining, KiwiSign has your restaurant covered.

Create Better Menus With Photos And Video

Create more attractive menus quickly and easily using KiwiSign’s online software. Our player supports high-quality images and 4k video, for professional menu displays that enhance your brand message. Integrate digital signage into your venue design for a sleek, uncluttered interior.

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