The Work Horse of Digital Signage: The Digital Signage Player

Digital menu boards are growing in popularity, but the truth is that not all of them are created equal. When you invest in digital menu boards or any other kind of digital signage solution, you’re looking for a few key things that are difficult to come by—preferably in the same product. That’s why our team has worked tirelessly to create the Digital Signage Player, which incorporates all of the features and benefits you need to create truly efficient and effective digital menu boards. Here’s how it stacks up against similar products in its class

How does The Digital Signage Player work?

This is what makes a Digital Signage player unique. We have dedicated one single-purpose device with very tight integration between hardware and software to be able to display high-quality video from any source and multiple sources altogether. And we managed to get it working on Linux, which gives our customers extra assurance that their system is safe and secure – that’s why we use Ubuntu as our base for both Digital Menu Boards and Digital Signage Solutions. Also, we’ve developed a native interface to control your digital signage from any browser, which can be controlled from your Smart Phone too! This was designed with flexibility in mind, so you don’t need anything except internet access on your signee device.

What are the benefits of using The Digital Signage Player?

There are numerous benefits to using a player over a PC, no matter what your experience level. As a software application, it is designed to be efficient and secure so it can be left running for long periods of time without any worries. It is also preloaded with content so you can start playing right away! And since it runs on Microsoft Windows, there is no need to run additional software on your computer that might conflict with other programs. In addition, since it uses industry-standard hardware you won’t have to worry about purchasing expensive and proprietary equipment. With The Digital Signage PlayerTM, you have options! Digital Menu Boards, digital signage solutions

What kind of video can I play on my display?

That depends. What kind of video device is it? Is it a server, a PC, or a phone? How big is your display? How does it look to you? Does your source media include audio, or will you be adding audio to your playback software? How many channels do you need and what sizes are available to purchase? We can help you sort out all those things. Digital signage player reviews, digital signage media players, digital signage kiosk players, iliade digital signage products.

How do I know if my location has WiFi?

First, check your phone. If you have WiFi, there should be a WiFi icon on your screen. Next, you can always check if a location has WiFi by looking at its rating on Foursquare. Ratings will usually tell you if a location offers WiFi and what kind.

What kind of control panel can I use with The Digital Signage Player?

Design from the ground up to be efficient and secure, The Digital Signage Player features a responsive design with multiple skins. This means that you can use your existing hardware to control it. It works with touch screens, media players (NEXTORCH, Haivision), custom apps (android, iOS), or even a web interface. You are in full control of your content at all times.

What kind of monitoring tools can I use with The Digital Signage Player?

Since you will likely be running a system like ours on a public-facing web server, you should be aware that many hackers are out there looking for vulnerable websites. Hackers can and do exploit security holes in common content management systems, such as WordPress and Joomla!, to compromise servers that are poorly secure. In fact, there are hacker tools, freely available online, that will allow just about anyone to take over an unsecured website within minutes. Most of these websites have nothing to do with digital signage – they’re just website victims in need of rescue. Luckily, there are several web application firewalls (WAFs) that we recommend using on all your sites.