The Best Way to Start with Digital Signage Software is with Kiwi’s Simple Digital Signage Player.

Are you interest in digital signage software, but not sure where to start? Kiwi’s patent pending digital signage player is the best way to get start with digital signage software because it’s simple and inexpensive. Unlike other more expensive digital signage players. All you need to get start with your own digital signage setup with Kiwi’s player is a TV or monitor, WIFI connection, and an outlet. With the Kiwi digital signage player . You can get start within minutes and change your content whenever you want from wherever you are! We built Kiwi so it would be affordable and easy to use!

Check out these 7 cool features

KiwiSign has seven features that make it truly unique. Including multi-network support (for digital signage networks). Remote update via Wi-Fi (so you never have to update another player by plugging into it). High definition playback in 1080p and 3D formats. Scalable digital signage software (so you can start with one screen and grow your network as big as you need). And a patent pending cloud-base digital signage platform which is literally just like renting a server from Amazon Web Services. All of these things cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and even weeks or months for other companies’ players. But all of them are include in Kiwi – because that’s what makes Kiwi really simple.

Easy to use

Kiwi Digital Signage player is really easy to use. You plug it into your TV and run a web page that our servers will host for you. Then point a browser on any computer at that URL and it loads onto your screen. That’s all there is too it! You can change what’s being display by simply going back to that same page or using our iPhone or Android apps. And you don’t need any special software or digital signage platform install. Just a web browser.

Plug and Play

Just connect your Kiwisign player to a TV or monitor with an HDMI port, plug it into any wall outlet, and connect to your network via WiFi or ethernet. You’ll be up and running in just a few minutes. It takes only seconds to update a screen – since our players are internet connect, you won’t need to use a USB drive or burn DVDs every time you want new content. And there’s no extra hardware require – just your players and TVs. There is nothing else like it on the market today!

No computer need

Kiwi’s digital signage players eliminate all of these barriers, making it easier than ever for businesses of any size and budget to get start with digital signage. Kiwi’s players connect directly to TVs and monitors (or any display with an HDMI port), bypassing any computer or operating system that might be in your way. This not only makes our product affordable but also hassle-free. Businesses don’t need a computer—just a power outlet and WIFI connection—to start displaying content on their displays right away! With easy installation, simple interface, free mobile app control, free content creator software (and even free templates), starting a digital signage business is easier than ever before.

Safe & Secure

Kiwi is a secure digital signage player with no hidden fees or limitations. Unlike other digital signage hardware solutions, Kiwi doesn’t require any kind of annual contract, monthly fees or end-user software licensing fees. It’s secure and easy to use! Our digital signage software tools are free for all users. No signup require. Just download our free digital signage player from our website and plug it into your TV or monitor using an HDMI cable (not include). Then, connect it to power and your WIFI network via an Ethernet cable (not include) – that’s it! You can start displaying content right away.

Display anywhere, anytime, from anywhere in the world

Wherever you are, Kiwi will allow you to send content from any web browser or mobile device. Unlike complicate and expensive digital signage software which requires a dedicate server or computer running 24/7, all you need is an HDMI port on any display. If your computer goes down, it doesn’t matter because your content is host on Kiwi’s cloud infrastructure so it can be play directly from our servers. Also unlike many products in this space which require expensive digital signage hardware that costs thousands of dollars, Kiwi plugs into any HDMI port and works like a normal cable box without requiring specialize installation by professionals who know how to run cable through walls and mount TV brackets for digital signage. What does that mean? Your customer can plug it in themselves!

Learn more about what our customers say about us!

Kiwi is a digital signage software tool that makes it easy for anyone and everyone to create, play, and manage dynamic digital signs at their location. Once install on your TV or monitor Kiwi provides a clean interface that allows you to add content from any of our simple templates (or even upload your own custom-made media) with one click. It’s perfect for hospitals who want to alert patients and employees about their wait times, schools who wish to share announcements and upcoming events, restaurants looking for an easy way display daily specials… And that’s just getting start!