Introduction To Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Player

What Is Digital Signage Solutions?

KiwiSign is your one-stop shop for all your digital signage solutions needs. Whether you need an easy-to-change menu board or interactive touch screen, Kiwi can help you control your brand for maximum impact. Better yet, our variety of offerings helps your business find signage solution that fits your vision.

Why It Does Grab Attention For Modern Digital Signage Hardware?

Though digital signage started as simple LED scrolling letters, the field has boomed dramatically. Make sure you are with the times with digital signage hardware that attracts and embodies a modern business.

Options like video walls and touch screen signage give your business a crisp and modern look that attracts and wows.

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Why It’s Very Popular Signage Options with KiwiSign?

Kiwi provides a variety of signage options that are easy and modern. Help your business achieve its goals with a fresh and modern digital signage player. Experience the best advertising with digital signage.

What Is Outdoor Signage?

If you need digital signage outdoors, make sure you get signage that will withstand the elements. KiwiSign provides outdoor signage that is durable and waterproof, enabling them to last many years no matter the weather. Make managing your outdoor signs a walk in the park with the KiwiSign outdoor signage options.

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

What Is Menu Boards?

If you need menu boards that change throughout the day, our digital signage menu boards are the right choice for you. With these digital boards, you can update your menu so it offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Want menus you can change in a snap? The KiwiSign menu boards do that too! Get our digital signage for a menu board that is as easy as pie!

What Are Room Schedule Signs?

Schedule smarter with our room schedule display signs. With the help of these nifty digital signs, you can show conference room availability, presentations, and more with the click of a button!

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Video Wall System

What Is Video Walls?

The KiwiSign video walls allow you to create stunning 4k videos that inform, entice, and impress. At only a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, KiwiSign video walls make trade shows a pinch with the help of our video wall features and easy-to-control design.

What Is Touch Screen Signage?

If smartphones and tablets have taught us anything, it is that touch screens are the future. Add touch screen signage to your lobby, shopping center, and more for an interactive information center that your customers will love.

Digital Signage Solutions

Not Seeing What You Are Looking For?

Not seeing what you are looking for? Contact KiwiSign for a complete rundown of all our options.