Do more with the Kiwi Sign Conference room schedule display

It can be aggravating to be unable to book a meeting place when one is required. Especially when colleagues fail to show up for scheduled meetings, leaving vacant conference room schedule displays. With Kiwi Sign, you can free up your unused meeting rooms.

Meeting room activity

The display screen will allow you and your colleagues to confirm your reservation on the spot. If you don’t show up for your meeting, or if you forget to cancel it, the room’s status will change to ‘Available,’ allowing others to book it either through scheduling software or directly on the screen. This allows you to quickly see which rooms are in use, rather than merely which rooms are reserved.

Meeting room Schedule displays

Installing touch displays outside your meeting room Schedule Display is an easy method to avoid no-shows. The meeting room display can be adjusted to let you confirm your attendance with on-screen interactivity. If you forget to cancel your meeting, the room’s status will instantly change to ‘Available,’ allowing colleagues to book it right from their phones.

Book directly from the screen

Unused conference rooms can readily be booked by others, which is very useful for last-minute reservations. You can schedule a conference room on screen for a quick conversation or fighting with a colleague, extending the meeting length for as long as you need it. If your meeting runs beyond time, you can end it on the screen so that it can be used by someone else.

Complete overview of today’s meetings

Our displays not only reduce no-shows, but they also provide a complete picture of meeting activities on any given day. With meeting room displays, you can see when a meeting room is available and when it is occupied in real-time, as well as check the schedule of individual rooms directly on the screen.

Conference room schedule display

Conference room schedule displays showing today’s meetings or booked meetings on each floor are excellent for receptions or different floors. If you’re on a floor in your company that you’re not acquainted with, an area display gives you a quick idea of where your meeting is. The direction of your meeting room is shown with enabled arrows.

Completely device-independent

Kiwi Sign can be used on any device that can run a browser. It doesn’t care what kind of hardware you have. Kiwi Sign is an entirely software-based solution. It’s also been thoughtfully built to be device-independent. If you already have conference room displays, you may always use them with Kiwi Sign, saving you money on new equipment.

Simplify Conference Room Scheduling With Digital Signage

For user-friendly reservations, Kiwi sign conference room scheduling display software interfaces seamlessly with iPads, Android, and Conference room schedule displays. Employees may easily see the availability, capacity, and equipment of meeting space. They can also reserve it with a single tap.

The meeting room schedule Display integrates with common calendar apps

Thanks to easy interaction with the common calendar and email systems like Exchange, Office 365/Outlook, and Google apps, employees can book a space from their desktop or mobile device. Other conference room scheduling solutions require substantial work to link with systems such as Exchange, whereas ours is straightforward.

Conference room schedule displays and Meeting room schedule Displays are right at the door.

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