Easy to use digital signage

Kiwi Sign is a cloud-based digital signage solution that focuses on being simple, safe, and feature-rich.

We’ve done the legwork for you; select from a variety of ready-made digital signage templates and have professionally created material delivered to your screen in no time.

Software-based video wall

  • Save up to 40% of the total cost of ownership
  • Less Hardware
  • Perfectly synced
  • Dynamic operation

Switch to a revolutionary software-based video wall system with flawlessly synchronized material to break free from hardware limitations. Without modifying any hardware, dynamically switch between video wall mode and separate content per screen.

Reduce the cost of ownership by using less hardware and allowing your imagination to run wild.

Seamlessly sync your content playback.

It’s never been easier to sync playlists and playback content. Whether your players are in the same place, sharing a single local network (Wi-Fi/wired), or in various locations, each has its own 3G/4G internet connection. Simply tick the Synced playlist box, and Kiwi Sign will handle the rest.

Easy to use digital signage Software for any screen anywhere

Digital signage software that is scalable and cloud-based, allowing you to show content where it matters! Kiwi Sign is simple and easy to use, with all the features you need.

Kiwi Sign is a Google technology partner. Our solution is deployed on the Google Cloud Platform for an enterprise-level product with global availability.

Easy-to-Use Digital Signage Software

Users can create, schedule, and distribute multimedia signs, ads, and informational content using digital signage software. Hotels, casinos, hospitality services, airports, retail malls, corporate real estate managers, and other businesses wanting digital advertisements or information boards will benefit from digital signage systems. Users will be able to produce, change, and remotely control the sort of material displayed based on different audiences and scenarios with the best digital signage solution. Multi-screen support, visual editing, adjustable templates, a media library, and remote display management tools are just a few of the primary characteristics of digital signage devices. Kiosk software, Marketing Automation software, and Public Relations software are all related to Digital Signage software.

Easy to use digital signage for Retail

Since 2013, Kiwi Sign has had a long history of working with merchants. We are the obvious choice for shops all around the world because of our ease of use, affordable price point, and extensive feature set.

Best and Easy To Use Your Digital Signage

If you’re considering digital signage for the first time or want to update your current screens, you might be wondering, “What do I have to promote?”

This is a common sensation. It’s difficult to get started with a blank slate. So, if you’re having trouble figuring out your brand’s messaging for in-store digital marketing, we know where to start. Here are 19 creative ideas to make the most of your digital signage.

1. Feature a Product, Item, or Service

The primary objective of in-store signage is to visibly display your products and services. While posters can be used for this, digital signage can be used more efficiently. Start by advertising your primary products and services if you’re searching for a location to start with digital signage content.

2. Explain the Value of a Product, Item, or Service

What your company does or sells is crucial, but why it’s useful is perhaps even more so. Consumers are careful with their money, so make sure you convey your brand’s worth.

It could be the quality in a retail store. It could be a part and service guarantee in the case of auto repair. Is this a doctor’s office? It could be a problem with long-term health. Make sure you’re explaining the why behind your brand, no matter what industry you’re in.

3. Create Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency at the point of purchase is a terrific approach to upselling. As a result, you can utilize your digital signage to promote a sale or a promotion. It could be as simple as a % off the entire store or a discount on a specific item. It could also be something more subtle, such as manipulating the weather to generate a sense of urgency.

Do you have a product that consumers are more inclined to think about while it’s raining, for example? If that’s the case, digital signage may automatically change your adverts based on local weather forecasts and actual conditions, promoting the most appropriate products.

4. Entertain Customers

Hard selling isn’t required for all sales. You may replace the cable with family-friendly entertainment content with digital signage alternatives like Waiting Room TV, and ensure that your brand isn’t connected with objectionable shows or competitor commercials.

Not only that, but Waiting Room TV allows you to show adverts, bespoke messages, and other live feeds alongside your main content, promoting your business while still engaging consumers.

5. Inform Customers

Providing customers with helpful information is just as important as advertising your products. Today’s marketing landscape is all about content, so even if it’s not directly related to a product or service, you’re still helping to win the customer over to your brand if you can deliver something useful to them.

A dentist’s practice, for example, might show a film on how to brush your teeth properly. Nothing in this helps the practice generate immediate revenue, but it does assist the customer to have a pleasant brand experience.

6. Introduce Your Staff

Making your employees feel like family to your consumers is one of the simplest ways to give your brand a personality. You can make a big slide for each person of your staff using digital signs, including where they’re from, what pets they have, their hobbies, their favorite sports teams, and so on.

You’re inviting customers to identify with them rather than just being the person behind the counter. And this aids in the development of customer relationships.

7. Communicate With Your Staff

Not all of the screens in your business need to be customer-facing. Use a screen behind the scenes or in your break room to communicate with employees. Whether it’s a meeting calendar, rules, and regulations, or a shout-out for great work, digital signage works just as well for corporate communication as it does for customer communication.

8. Communicate Brand Values

Your goal statement, brand promise, and fundamental values are all things that should be promoted. While you may not be able to develop a 30-second ad about those topics, digital signage provides you with the ideal platform for creating a free, unique graphic that communicates your business message.