How to Pick the Best Digital Signage Software for Touch Screens

If you’re looking to purchase a new piece of digital signage software, but you aren’t sure what to look for or how much you should spend, look no further! This guide will walk you through the process of choosing the right touch screen digital signage software for your business. We’ll cover everything from pricing and features to help you find just the right product that meets your needs perfectly.

Basic features: Colors, fonts and themes

Our touch screen digital signage software offers a number of built-in themes, making it easy for users to create custom branded user interfaces. Color options allow users a great deal of control over designing an interface that matches their brand’s look and feels. Users can even upload images for use as backgrounds or logos and manipulate them using our image tool. With KiwiSign’s touch screen digital signage software, creating and editing content is easy!

Basic features: Customizable templates

Templates help give you a head start on creating your interactive digital signage. These templates will allow you to customize them with ease and quickly make edits. Once you find a template that works for your business, it’s easy to save it for future use. After selecting your template, begin adding content by either uploading or linking existing information from documents like spreadsheets and Word documents.

Advanced functionality

All of our digital signage software solutions are connected with KiwiSign, our interactive digital signage network. Our touch screen software is designed for enterprise-level businesses that require advanced functionality and real-time access to information on their signage systems. The touch screen software allows you to easily manage your system from any computer or smartphone at any time. You can also adjust all your data and images remotely. In addition, if you want help with installation or troubleshooting, we have full-time customer support available throughout business hours in every time zone across North America. If your business requires a sophisticated screen solution, there’s no better way than KiwiSign’s industry-leading technology.

Where can I use it?

Touch screen digital signage is now a common feature in many retail, trade, and hospitality environments around New Zealand. Businesses can use them to display offers, sales, promotions, and special events. For example, A hotel may have touch screen signage showing up-to-date menus and local attractions, or a retail store may have them displaying product information about an upcoming sale. Even so, there are some limitations that need to be considered before you invest in a touch screen digital signage system. The most obvious limitation is space – it’s important that you choose a screen size that fits your needs. For example, You may only need one standee for displaying menus and specials, or you might need three touch screen digital displays at various points around your store for maximum impact.

Other things to consider

Presenting your touch screen digital signage is simple with a touch screen digital signage system that comes with built-in features like web streaming and community website integration. You can do more than just display media. The option of video conferencing allows you to effectively communicate with customers, present ideas, and build meaningful relationships. Our touch-screen digital software will make it easier for customers who speak different languages than you to enjoy, understand, and respond to what you’re presenting on your displays. Touch screens offer an alternative interface for viewers where they get hands-on interaction instead of only using their eyes.