Interactive Touch Screen Digital Signage Software: How to Put Your Target Audience in Control

If you’re looking to increase engagement with your target audience, put them in control of the digital signage at your facility using interactive touch screen software. Interactive touch screen digital signage software allows visitors to learn about your business, explore the exhibition, discover products or simply be entertained. Most importantly, it gives people an enjoyable experience that keeps them coming back again and again—and even inspires them to recommend your company to their friends! In this article, we’ll explain what interactive touch screen digital signage software is and how it works.

What is Interactive Digital Signage?

Interactive digital signage can be used for a number of different things, from marketing to entertainment. Some examples include interactive photo walls where your visitors can share their own pictures or products that allow your customers to buy them right there on-site. The options are limitless and really only depend on what you’re trying to achieve. This makes it one of the most versatile forms of digital signage available. Interactive digital signage is often referred to as an interactive touch screen digital signage system, which is why we’ve used both terms throughout our writing below; many places simply use one term or another interchangeably. Digital displays with touch screens have been around for years and have gotten better over time, but recent advances in hardware, software, and connectivity have enabled true interaction with these systems. In other words, now you can actually interact with digital signs using physical objects like pens and fingers. It’s not just about touching images anymore; now you can do things like play games or write messages directly onto digital displays. You could even create an app-based game that allows users to control characters on screen by moving their hands in front of a camera mounted above a display! The possibilities are endless!

Who Uses Touch Screen Displays?

Digital signage software solutions are used in a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and others. Because touch screen displays allow customers or employees to explore your business, exhibit or products freely and at their own pace you can maximize engagement. As a result, users will have greater exposure to your brand and may learn about new products that can meet their needs better than what they had previously been using. Once they have an interest in what you’re offering, consider using other interactive features on your digital signs such as email capture fields or quizzes so that you can build a relationship with them over time. For example, if someone takes a quiz and scores well, follow up with targeted marketing materials that highlight benefits relevant to their interests. The more targeted your content is, the more likely it is that people will find it valuable and want to engage further.

Types of Displays

There are three types of digital signage solutions and each is best suited for a different purpose. The key, really, is what you want your digital signage system to accomplish. It’s important to choose one that aligns with your goals. You can also think about how much money you’re willing to spend on it. It’s not uncommon for businesses to get carried away with their options—and end up spending more than they need to on something that may not fit their needs as well as they thought it would when they started shopping around. If you want some help choosing, here are some guidelines The most basic type of display is a standalone monitor or TV. These displays typically don’t require any software or special hardware and are easy to set up. They’re good for displaying simple messages, such as a happy hour or new products. They’re also great if you have an existing PC that isn’t being used at all times. All you have to do is plug it into your display and run an application on it (like Windows Media Center). They’re inexpensive, but limited in functionality because they can only show one image at a time.

What Makes Your Business Stand Out

Effective communication is key for any business—from local businesses targeting a small demographic to corporations with a global reach. A digital signage system can help you spread your message and make sure your business stands out. Our interactive touch screen software can make your business stand out by enabling you to communicate directly with your target audience, no matter where they are. As soon as people see an interactive display, they’ll have questions and want answers. For example, imagine if every time someone walked into a bar, it played an advertisement asking them whether they wanted to download an app that would allow them to access exclusive content. That’s exactly what’s possible with our interactive signage software platform! You can even use our software to create surveys or quizzes so you can find out more about your customers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to interactive displays, but one thing is certain: People will be talking about your business and spreading awareness of who you are and what you do. All because of an interactive touch screen sign!

There’s nothing better than getting feedback from real customers. With an interactive digital sign, consumers will be able to give their opinions on products or services before they even leave your store or office building. And thanks to social media sharing capabilities included in our interactive signage software package, word-of-mouth marketing will take on a whole new meaning for your company!

Benefits of Touchscreen Displays

Interactive touchscreens are one of several types of digital signage options that can be used to enhance your business or event. When it comes to touchscreen displays, there are a number of benefits. For example, using interactive screens allows you to display relevant information and customize it so that it is most relevant and useful for your customers while keeping them up-to-date with live news and events. This can prove invaluable when dealing with crowds at airports, train stations, or other public spaces. The same technology can also be used as an information tool within your own venue—especially if you want prospective clients or customers who visit your premises during non-working hours to be able to access important information about opening times, office addresses or customer care details from a single location. By choosing touchscreen technology over traditional print media such as posters, flyers, and brochures, you can ensure that only people who actually need specific information will see it, meaning they’re more likely to use it. It’s no surprise then that experts predict significant growth in touchscreen technologies over the next few years. In fact, according to research firm Technavio (Technavio Research), global revenues for self-service kiosks and interactive self-service kiosks will increase by 9% between 2016 and 2020! (Technavio Research) With numbers like these forecasted for growth over just a few years time, what’s not to love?

5 Ways to Use Touchscreen Technology in Advertising

Number One is…Creating a strong digital brand experience! Interactive touchscreen technology is making digital signage (or advertising with touchscreens) a leading-edge way to entertain and engage your target audience, particularly when it’s used as part of an overall integrated marketing strategy. Interactive digital signage puts your audience in control by allowing them to customize their experience – share content directly with friends on social media sites, create instant photo messages or run interactive quizzes. And that’s just the beginning! Interactive touchscreen technologies are also available as part of complete digital displays and they can be used anywhere you might use paper print materials: lobbies, waiting rooms, retail spaces, trade shows and product launches. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to use – no programming required! Just add a computer and projector, then upload your display software from one of our trusted partners. Once you have everything up and running, make sure you’re using effective ways to promote your business: Print out free coupons for customers who download your app or give away free swag for those who like your Facebook page. This kind of innovative advertising keeps people engaged while reminding them why they should choose your business over others like it.

Tips For Setting Up An Exhibit

Building an interactive exhibit can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. To make things easier, have a clear idea of what message you want your exhibit to convey and which target group you’re aiming for. An interactive digital display can be used for a variety of purposes; from conveying advertising messages (digital signage) to highlighting information about products and services (iPad kiosks). If you’re planning on hosting an interactive digital display at your next trade show, make sure that you’ve paid careful attention to sound, lighting and content strategy before hitting send. The right choice of materials and tone will not only appeal to your audience but will also keep them coming back for more. Check out these helpful tips on how to set up an exhibit!

Your goal is ____________________. Show visitors how they can help you achieve it by doing ___________________. People come here because they ______________ and we offer _______________ that helps solve their problem. You may think _____________, but we know people really need _______________. But don’t take our word for it, check out our amazing product/service/event with our fun interactive touchscreen software! See what others are saying about us! Click here to see pictures from one of our previous events!

The Advantages of Digital Signs

It’s no surprise that digital signs are at their most effective when people interact with them. In fact, consumer engagement is known to increase by as much as 40% through interactive displays. As a result, your brand will be more memorable, making it more likely that people will choose your business over others in your area. The benefits don’t stop there; if you have a website or social media page associated with your business, you can use touch screen digital signage software to direct traffic and potential customers toward these channels. Simply encourage passersby to tap here for details! and they can quickly connect with you on a personal level. Not only does interaction engage consumers but it also drives brand loyalty! People are far more likely to remember businesses that offer engaging experiences than those that don’t. If you want to learn how interactive digital signage can help your business grow, keep reading below! The Basics of Interactive Touch Screen Digital Signage Software: Now that we’ve established why interactive digital signage is so great, let’s take a look at what exactly it entails. This type of technology combines two essential components: an LCD display and computer software. An LCD display—such as an HD TV monitor—provides visual information such as photos, videos, images or graphics. Computer software gives users control over what appears on-screen and when—meaning you can make sure your message always gets across effectively! That said, not all touch screen digital signage solutions are created equal; some providers might require specialized training before users can begin controlling content while others feature drag-and-drop functionality so even novice users can quickly get started.

7 Ways To Promote A Company’s Products Through Interactive Displays

For interactive digital signage to be successful, it must be engaging. What better way is there than by letting your customers directly interact with your business’ products? After all, everyone learns through play. Here are seven ways you can incorporate a product showcase into your interactive displays. Think of them as a quick and easy way to get started on building an interactive display that engages your customers at every step of their visit. 1) Let them sort through merchandise such as jewelry or electronics and set up several different stations where they can touch, feel and test out items from different price ranges. 2) Provide opportunities for 3D experiences such as brochures printed on thin layers which can be shifted around using a finger or virtual images which can be grabbed and rotated using hand gestures. 3) Create software applications that allow users to select clothing options and see how they look together before purchasing. 4) Give people access to free samples or try-before-you-buy goods like food, drinks, or cosmetics. 5) Encourage them to create unique designs using photo editing software. 6) Allow people to design their own t-shirts using textile printers and then print these shirts right away on-site.


The main focus of business is gaining and maintaining repeat customers. In order to do that, your business must have a great reputation. Getting a good reputation can be difficult, but by building customer relationships through interactive digital signage, you are able to make sure that any future customers know what they are getting into with your brand. Don’t give up! You don’t need your own website or social media channels until you start driving traffic on them. Focus on being helpful instead and putting people in control of their experience with your brand.