Room scheduling is no secret that keeping track of meeting and conference room scheduling in an office environment can be cumbersome at best and impossible at worst. With the introduction of simple, affordable, and easy-to-use digital signage software, you can finally make your conference room scheduling as efficient as possible with KiwiSign. You’ll never have to schedule another meeting again!

Benefits Of A Digital Way To Room Scheduling A Conference Room

A digital way to schedule a conference room provides business owners with a clear and accurate representation of an office’s meeting space availability. By displaying these schedules, employees are able to look at their computer screens or download an app. And see what time slots are free or not free. This is helpful for new hires who have never been in your company’s building before. Additionally, using a digital sign for conference room scheduling displays information about how many attendees are expected at each meeting; individuals won’t be surprised by large groups when they arrive. A digital way to schedule a conference room provides administrators with visibility into how often rooms are booked throughout any given day—and you can use that data to make changes for future events if need be.

How Does The Technology Work?

Meeting room display screen software with a digital information panel that shows information about room availability, including when meeting rooms are occupied and what type of meeting is taking place in each room. It uses technology to simplify conference room scheduling by providing a well-organized visual layout of conference activities throughout an office or other building where they may be located. It also saves time by ensuring multiple parties can see at a glance how busy their colleagues are when someone’s in a meeting, and which rooms are available for use. Plus, it allows users to manage their day more efficiently by streamlining scheduling processes and offering instant booking capabilities that reduce delays on both ends of scheduling events.

How Many Displays Can You Use For Your Office?

One of the biggest advantages of using digital signage software for your office is that you don’t have to purchase pricey, bulky meeting room schedule displays. Your displays can be placed anywhere, and often times people forget about them completely; it’s a seamless addition to any workspace. Plus, when you use digital display software like KiwiSign, you can add much more functionality to your screens than most office building vendors provide. You’ll have access to robust scheduling tools and advanced integration options for integrating existing calendars into your system. Simply put, digital signage will never replace physical meeting room signs—in fact, a large percentage of customers who purchase display systems also order conference room schedules—but it does make using those rooms easier than ever before!

Are The Displays Easy To Install?

Like many of our customers, you probably don’t have time to go back and forth with a vendor. Our displays install in seconds, just peel off the adhesive backing and apply it to the wall or door. No brackets or special tools are required! Also, our displays feature hidden mounting tabs so they can be mounted directly on a whiteboard or pinboard when needed. And if you’re not crazy about how it looks on your wall, no problem at all. Simply peel it off and stick it somewhere else! The ultimate easy-to-use conference room scheduling software display solution is here – what are you waiting for?

What Does It Cost?

When people hear digital signage, they think of expensive, complicated displays with a ton of features that only an IT team can manage. That’s not true at all – we give you control over your own schedules and shows. Everything is based on cloud-based SaaS technology, so there are no hardware costs or fees to worry about either. Plus, our friendly team is always available to help you through every step of setup and troubleshooting. To learn more, please contact us today! We’d love to tell you more about how KiwiSign can benefit your business.

Why Should I Choose This Product Over Other Alternatives?

Meeting room activity displays have been used in offices, libraries, and schools for decades. But until now, these displays are not aesthetically pleasing, often clunky to use, or sometimes even potentially dangerous (if old-fashioned projection methods are being used). By providing sleek but reliable display units that can be easily updated by simply plugging a flash drive into them, you will stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Increase visibility and productivity

You and your business have important goals that you’re trying to achieve. By having a conference room schedule sign, you can increase productivity. When your team knows which rooms are available at any given time, they can plan their meetings accordingly and avoid scheduling conflicts. This will reduce both wasted time and conflict among employees, allowing for more productive workflows. You’ll find your employees spending less time fighting over meeting times and more time working to reach company goals! In addition, you’ll free up valuable meeting space by scheduling them in advance, rather than leaving space open until they need it.

Put an end to scheduling headaches

It’s time to finally put an end to scheduling headaches. Introducing KiwiSign, a conference room sign solution for offices and businesses of all sizes. No more telephone tags or complicated e-mailing systems that leave you guessing when to schedule meetings. With our digital signage, it’s as easy as seeing a room available, making a reservation, and walking right in.

Workplace Management  with Easy and Effective

It’s an office manager’s job to make sure that every meeting and event runs smoothly. Every phone call is answered, and no work goes undone. According to a recent survey of business decision-makers in North America. Managers believe that workplace scheduling is their top priority. That makes sense—putting off basic administrative tasks can wreak havoc on a company’s workflow. And while they report having to spend too much time dealing with these tasks. They don’t feel like these functions are simple enough to manage effectively. Yet when asked about using a digital display for workspace management?

Book directly from the screen

Schedule your conference room using a computer, tablet, or phone. You can book a single meeting directly from any of your digital displays in just three easy steps. To book a room use one of our self-service options. Use your office computer to reserve rooms or create accounts for each of your meeting attendees and allow them to self-schedule directly from their own devices. For larger businesses with an IT team, we offer custom software solutions so you can build scheduling functionality into your existing software program and interface with our screens seamlessly. We also offer dedicated application programming interfaces (APIs) so you can integrate our scheduling capabilities into mobile apps. POS systems and other applications that support web services—just as we have done with other leading providers like Concur and Oracle Hospitality!

Overview Of Room Schedule Display Solutions

In our ever-connected world, there are plenty of tools to help you manage your schedule and stay in touch with your colleagues and customers. However, these tools don’t replace an old standby -– a wall calendar or schedule board that hangs on a prominent spot in your office or workspace. These boards come in all shapes and sizes and can range from a simple magnetic marker board to an eye-catching information center complete with LCD screens and projectors. And while some companies still use traditional calendars to track their busy schedules. Many have adopted digital signage room scheduling software as a new way to broadcast important information such as upcoming meetings, lunch hours, out-of-office notifications, or even team events.

What Is Conference Room Schedule Display?

To answer this question, you’ll need to take a look at all of your office assets. What do they do? How are they used? Where are they located? The key is to think in terms of groups and activities. For example, if you have an executive assistant on staff who helps organize weekly meetings. Your conference room schedule will be different than if you have a marketing team that holds smaller meetings each day. Here’s what we mean. As an executive assistant, you might use a large board display as a marketer, you might use a touchscreen kiosk with wireless connectivity for easy access from mobile devices.


Elegant, tasteful, and/or fashionable. There’s a reason designers use sleek as an adjective in their press releases because it conveys all of those traits beautifully. It’s pretty much guaranteed to invoke positive associations in anyone who reads your piece (if you can pull it off). So if your company is new and trendy (see what we did there?), then by all means, use sleek! We’d recommend replacing a word like elegant with sleek for most other topics though. If elegant applies to your topic, by all means, go ahead!

Is It A User-Friendly LCD Display?

LCD displays can be a great investment in any business. But with all of them being user-friendly, there are still some that stand out more than others. Luckily, conference room schedule displays have come a long way from those big clunky, and confusing boards that used to plague offices. Today, LCD schedule displays like those offered by KiwiSign are designed to be simple to use and easy on the eyes. They look great wherever they’re placed and will definitely improve communication between employees or colleagues. Find out more about how easily these schedules work below!

How It’s Easy-To-Use Room Schedule Display?

The need for a reliable way to schedule conference rooms is apparent in office buildings, libraries, and other offices. Not only is it important to know who has reserved a room at any given time. But it’s also imperative that attendees can see what room is available so they don’t waste their time walking down hallways or upstairs to no avail. It’s bad enough that these employees must deal with their own boss breathing down their necks about not meeting deadlines; why make their lives even more difficult by preventing them from accomplishing tasks? The key, however, lies in how conference room scheduling displays are designed. Currently, most options are clunky signs that have been glued onto walls.

Where You Find Meeting Room Schedule Display Options?

There are many sources to find conference room schedule displays. You can easily order your own custom displays. But you can also check out local retailers that specialize in office décor. Many office supply stores, like Staples and Office Depot. Sell customizable displays that you can bring to life with your own branding. Additionally, some companies have in-house graphic designers who will work with you to develop a sleek design for your displays. Lastly, if you don’t have an extensive budget for custom displays and are looking for something immediately affordable then there are many free digital sign options available on apps like EasyPost or Snapchat!