Keeping up with changing menus can be tricky, especially if you’re constantly busy serving hungry customers. While there are many digital menu boards on the market today, none of them have been made to last outdoors – until now! Read on to learn more about KiwiSign’s cutting-edge digital menu boards that have been designed and made specifically to withstand the elements, ensuring the longevity of your menus and signage year-round.

What are Digital Menu boards?

With a digital menu board, you have more options than ever before, and a digital menu board controller makes that possible. No longer do you need to worry about access to wifi or cable to display your menus or anything else? There are many features that set our DMS apart from any other player on the market. Our fully customizable system provides for any screen layout imaginable, on-screen control of display media, and much more! We also offer two models: an indoor sign and an outdoor sign with our new product line just released, it is only a matter of time before people can’t tell if they are indoors or outdoors while viewing a digital menu board. A big reason why anyone should choose us over another player is that we will always be here when others aren’t.

What are the benefits of using outdoor digital menu boards?

Display menus outside your business to keep customers informed and make a lasting impression. We offer digital menu boards, which give you more space for advertising and messages. On top of that, these screens are waterproof, UV-protected, and impact-resistant making them ideal for outdoor use. As a result, you can change their content as frequently as needed – on a daily basis or hourly if necessary – so your new offers attract hungry clients during lunch or dinner times. If you manage to draw even more attention from passersby with well-designed banners or room schedule signs, you will increase conversion rates dramatically! That’s why it’s crucial to choose waterproof monitors that can stand heavy weather conditions such as rain or snowfalls without interfering with screen visibility.

How to do you setup digital menu boards

The process of installing digital menu boards is simple. Simply mount to a wall or fence with mounting brackets and connect to an internet connection. Once set up, digital menu boards are easy to use and change digitally. Your board’s content can be changed at any time by logging into your own personal admin page, sending a text message, or using our mobile app. Our goal at KiwiSign is to make your life easier when it comes to presenting your business in a professional way! Digital menu boards are not just for indoors anymore! Give us a call today for more information about how we can assist you in setting up outdoor digital menu boards for your location. We offer free estimates on our services and would love to help you take your business to the next level!

How Do I know what screens I need based on my location?

One of our digital signage specialists will sit down with you and discuss your needs as they relate to size, price, and applications. Once we understand what you need we can give you a good idea of how many displays you will need based on square footage. Our team will also make sure to keep in mind things like seasonal changes when helping clients make decisions about their digital signage programs. The combination of retail or restaurant locations with high traffic counts and extreme weather conditions can help our specialists recommend specific solutions that work best for your business or event setup. Digital Signage systems are not just screens anymore; we have an outdoor menu board solution for almost every situation imaginable!

Where to place outdoor digital menu screens

It’s important to know where to place digital menu boards in order to attract your target audience. Typically, you want your digital menu board on a busy corner or heavily trafficked area so that customers walking by can notice it and immediately be drawn in. You should also take into consideration how high or low of an area you want to place your digital menu board, as you might need something placed on a high pole or at eye level depending on what you are trying to advertise. It’s important to also choose a location that is well-lit, but not blinding so as not to deter potential customers.

Where Can I Get Help With My Signage Design Project

You’ve got a great idea for an outdoor sign, but you have no clue how to turn it into reality. We know. We’ve been in your shoes. That’s why we offer free design services on all of our outdoor digital menu boards—and installation services for qualified customers. With our expert team of marketing and sales professionals and graphic designers, your sign will be transformed into something amazing, guaranteed. Need help with a specific aspect of your business? No problem. Our experts are happy to help you plan and put together everything you need: signage, restaurant décor, marketing materials, etc. They can even guide you through designing different social media posts so that everything complements each other perfectly! Check out our work here.

Overview Of Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

When it comes to digital menu boards, there are a lot of options to choose from. There’s no doubt that digital menus have become a vital part of restaurant businesses. Not only do they allow restaurants to show off their wonderful food and drinks but they can be used for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, or even just for announcing daily specials and happy hours. However, not all digital menu boards are created equal and your biggest concern should be finding a reliable partner who knows how to create stunning outdoor digital menu boards using high-quality materials.

Digital Menu Board

What Are Digital Menu Boards?

Digital menu boards offer a fast, convenient way to display your menus and change them as often as you need. You can update them with a few keystrokes, eliminating the time and cost of printing new menus every time there’s a change. Digital menu boards also let you display promotions and other information to encourage customers to order more frequently or try something new. And because they’re easy to read at high speeds (like when driving by in a car), digital menu boards are ideal for attracting customers who don’t live nearby. They’re also low-cost and highly efficient—and an excellent choice for businesses that need a smaller amount of signage than what large digital billboards provide. No matter how you use them, digital menu boards create an engaging dining experience that both engages customers and increases sales.

How Is It Easy To Use?

Let’s start with something that is not easy: updating your sign by hand. Make sure you have a new paper menu for every change, making sure all of those new menus are updated on time—who has time for that? And did you know every single time there’s a change in price, it needs to be updated on your outdoor sign too? Let us take care of that stress. With digital menu boards from KiwiSign, changing your menu or prices is as easy as sending an email. We automatically sync up to major point-of-sale platforms so any changes can be made in one place and immediately reflected across all of your screens. It’s incredibly efficient and takes away one more headache before service begins!

What Is Waterproof Outdoor Signage?

Waterproof outdoor Digital signage, made of high-quality LCD screens, is available in four options: Indoor digital menu boards and outdoor digital menu boards (in both recessed and surface mounted). Because they’re made of an extremely durable material called Polymer concrete, these waterproof signs are weatherproof, impact-resistant, and designed to withstand extreme temperatures. No longer do you have to worry about standing water or snow causing them to malfunction? Take your outdoor advertising campaign to a whole new level with waterproof outdoor signage solutions.

Digital Menu Boards Are Attractive

Digital menu boards are a stunning addition to any restaurant, drive-through, or cafe. They allow you to display your menu, along with customized and creative graphics, in an attractive way. Digital signs can be updated by staff when necessary and are much more reliable than their traditional counterparts. Find out how digital menu boards could fit into your restaurant today! Digital signage is about so much more than just conveying information—it’s about making it interactive and keeping customers engaged. For example, digital displays could be used as part of an advertising campaign with enticing offers like Buy one get one free available for a limited time only! Imagine using interactive monitors to show customers what they should try if they haven’t been back in a while.

Outdoor Signage Solutions

Many business owners are surprised to learn that digital menu boards (also called digital signage players) can be put on sidewalks, storefronts, or streets to advertise products and prices. When displayed outside a restaurant or retail store, they can increase traffic in a number of ways: people who wouldn’t otherwise notice your signage will walk past it while browsing other stores. If a busy day causes you to run out of ingredients, you can change your menu boards by the hour to accommodate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus; change prices; or inform customers about upcoming sales. For example Grand opening! Half off all teas until Friday. Digital menu boards work seamlessly with outdoor signs. You can use one unit for both—to achieve maximum results for minimum cost.

Finally the easily updatable Digital Signage Player you have been looking for

We are proud to introduce our new, cutting-edge digital menu boards that are both extremely easy to use and customize. So simple, you can update your menus by yourself with a few clicks of a button. The change happens in real-time – nothing else like it out there on the market! Our menu boards are unique because they can be updated by anyone in your staff – no IT specialists are required! No need to wait for someone to come in and manually make changes or schedule special appointments at inconvenient times. You can do it all with an app on your smartphone or tablet – never miss another sale again!

What is the KiwiSign digital signage player?

The player is a mobile digital menu board solution with live, 24/7 access to your content. We’ve also packed some great features into our app to make it easy for you to manage and deliver engaging digital signage. The best part: everything is on-demand and can be customized for multiple uses in your restaurant—saving you time and money. Here are a few of our favorites

Video Walls System

Our Video walls system is great for any environment where you want to display multiple videos. Whether it’s your TV at home or your digital menu boards at work, We can help you visualize multiple images in a single video wall. These video walls are super easy to update and change depending on your needs. Our proprietary software makes it simple and convenient. All our products are custom-built, so if there is something we can do for you that isn’t listed here contact us! If we don’t already have it, we can make it!

Touch Screen Digital Signage

When it comes to digital menu boards, KiwiSign has a wide selection of display options that range in size, technology, and price. The smallest board they offer is a 7-touch screen digital menu board. It can be mounted on an easel stand or used as a portable unit on wheels (included). These are just two examples of the many hardware options available, making it easy for you to design your own custom-tailored system.

Digital Menu Controller

Whether you run a family restaurant or a chain of five, you’ll love how easy it is to make changes to your menu boards. With our new digital menu board controller, you can easily change your menus and prices without having to walk to each board yourself! Just log in from anywhere with an internet connection and make all of your changes through our simple-to-use system. No matter where you are, changes made on one of our digital menu controllers will update across all boards in seconds!

Digital Menu Board Design meets Real-time Control

Our brand-new menu boards allow you to manage your menus and pricing in real-time, making your storefront look even more professional than ever. This revolutionary technology will change how businesses run for good. We have taken one of our most advanced features, dynamic scheduling, and applied it to menu boards. Dynamic scheduling allows your store managers to update any section on a board at any time simply by logging into their account through our user-friendly web interface. Now you can start managing multiple sites with one platform! Never Miss an Update: Even though we were making advances with our menu boards through dynamic scheduling, there was still no way to share these updates between separate locations; that is until now!

Digital Menu Boards Software

With our software, you can display your digital menu boards outside your restaurant. Choose from standard colors or change them to whatever colors you prefer. It’s never been easier for a restaurant to have digital menu boards outside of its storefront! That’s why we’re offering it for free with our leasing options. With just one click of a button, customers can see what is offered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on each day of the week.

LCD Digital Menu Board Signage Controller

The Controller is an advanced piece of hardware and software that drives our menu boards, allowing you to organize, schedule, and customize your digital sign at will. The controller allows you to create unlimited schedules for each menu board and include as many menus or products as you want on a single board. Our controllers can handle all sizes of menu boards, not just those found outdoors but indoors too! Choose from 3 different-sized controllers to best suit your needs. Our controllers are also compatible with both 32 & 55-screen sizes so you have flexibility in your setup. We designed our controllers to be very easy to use with a large LCD screen for a user-friendly interface. The simple setup guides ensure everything is set up quickly and efficiently so you can get back to selling more food!

The Ultimate Quick Start Guide to Digital Menu Boards

There’s no shortage of information on digital menu boards. But, when it comes to using them in your restaurant or café, you might be a little overwhelmed by how to start. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a quick-start guide to give you everything you need to know. Follow these five steps, and we guarantee that your new digital menu boards will transform your business within just two weeks!

Your Total Digital Menu Board Solution

From your first contact with us, our aim is to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free experience. This is why we’ve put together everything you need to know to select and install digital menu boards that are right for your business. From what signage options are available, to working out costs and comparing prices – we’ve got all the information you need in one place. Our menu board buying guide covers: Signage types (fixed vs wall mounted) The different display sizes and features What features matter most How much digital menu boards cost Where to buy them What maintenance is required And much more…

Digital Menu Board Templates

Every display is different and requires customized content. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about it, as we have a variety of templates that make it easy for you to create exactly what you need! Our full-service in-house creative team will work with you step by step on creating stunning displays tailored to your restaurant or another venue. Here are just a few examples: KIWI SIGN OUTDOOR TEMPLATES >>>>

Comprehensive Digital Menu Board Design Studio

New customers can now enjoy our new and improved comprehensive digital menu board design studio. Free yourself of traditional boards and take your restaurant to a whole new level of creativity, collaboration, and efficiency with our easy-to-use tool. Our state-of-the-art software comes loaded with a full set of features that’ll help you create digital menu boards quickly and easily. The graphics tool lets you import your own photos and logo to create an exclusive design to match your restaurant’s brand identity. You can also use presets or access our free library of images for fast editing on any device, whether you want retina quality or not. There’s no limit to what you can do with our in-house design tool!

Keep your lines moving and customers engaged.

Instead of cluttering your menu boards with different information, you can set up three dynamic boards. On one board, promote a hot meal or a special. On another board, display various daily specials and include a photo of each dish. The third board should list today’s food and drink specials in both text and graphic form. These dynamic menu boards allow customers to quickly see all of your offerings. That way, if they don’t have time to read through all of your special dishes, they can still get an idea of what’s available that day. In other words, instead of wasting space on duplicate information (which also wastes money), use digital signage to highlight items that would otherwise be overlooked by consumers. What’s more?

Digital Menu Board Software that’s Efficient and Easy to Use

We have built our digital menu board software to be flexible, easy to use, and full of features. We have taken into account that change is inevitable. Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, or cafe owner that’s constantly updating your menus on a daily basis or if you’re a hotel wanting to change prices per hour – we have made it incredibly simple for you to do so. No more time-consuming updates! Let us handle it all for you. Our menu boards are designed for maximum flexibility!

The Digital Menu Board Challenge

Updating your menu boards is a time-consuming process that requires constant updates every day. That’s why many restaurants still use paper menu boards and laminated papers. Why not keep it digital? Introducing outdoor digital menu boards that are available in HD quality and energy efficient, yet cheaper than other options.

Digital Menu Board Software Solution

KiwiSign’s menu boards will make your restaurant stand out. Its sleek and modern look adds a sense of class to any establishment. The menus on display are easy to read and allow for last-minute adjustments with ease. You can change your menu by punching in a code on any computer or mobile device in just seconds, making it convenient even when you don’t have an internet connection. All that is required is power and your business can update its digital menu boards anywhere!

What are the technologies behind digital menu boards?

The magic of our digital menu boards is that we’ve taken a completely interactive approach, says Jay Clayton, President, and CEO of KiwiSig. Using our proprietary software design, customers can now engage with their waiter or waitress to order an item or customize it just how they like it. A unique customer experience is just one click away and it makes your business stand out in a world of burger chains and big box restaurants. In addition to being able to change food and drink prices by season, restaurant owners also get more control over their marketing strategies through digital menu boards as well. Add a promotion for happy hour drinks or announce daily specials on-the-fly – whatever you want to do can be done so easily with digital menu boards.

Automate digital menu item and pricing updates

An important part of any restaurant or cafe’s digital signage solution is its menu boards. Instead of having to remember to go in and update your menus by hand, you can set up a schedule that automatically updates them for you. Additionally, if you want to change your menu items or prices (for example, if something goes on sale), you can do so in a flash by scheduling it ahead of time. This kind of convenience only makes customers happier!

What can Computer Vision bring to my digital menu boards?

Computer vision is really just a collection of algorithms that work together to detect objects in an image and then tell you what those objects are. We’re using Computer Vision to do exactly that with our new menu boards. With computer vision, we can use cameras installed above your digital menu boards and look for when someone has walked under your menus, which will let us know that it’s time to change what is displayed on your boards. Or perhaps you would like us to record how much traffic you receive throughout a given day – our cameras are able to record how many people pass by each hour and we can generate reports based on that data.

What can digital menu boards do for my restaurant?

Digital menu boards are a brilliant way to advertise and show off your restaurant’s new menus. KiwiSign’s digital menu boards are perfect for bars, cafes, coffee shops, delis, pubs, diners, and more. This is because they enable customers to quickly browse through what you have on offer without having to spend ages waiting for a waiter or waitress (not only does it speed up service but means that you can get more customers in and out of your business!) Another great thing about our digital menu boards is that they will keep your menus fresh; with them, you can change prices whenever needed- allowing you to create special offers or swap them during different times of the day or even seasons!