Kiwi’s Digital Signage Player: A Simple, Affordable Solution for Your Business

The digital signage market is crowded with expensive and complex options. But Kiwi makes a simple digital signage player to plug into any HDMI port on any TV or monitor and start displaying right away. All you need is a power outlet and a WiFi connection. With our custom features, you can use your digital signage player however you want! Whether it’s displaying information about your products and services or your daily specials. Kiwi’s digital signage player has you covered!

Why should you consider a digital signage solution?

As a small business owner, you’re responsible for keeping your company relevant and thriving in an ever-changing world. One of your top priorities is likely to make sure that customers get timely information about whatever you sell—whether it’s services or products. That’s where digital signage comes in. Digital signage is simple—your customers see it without any interaction on their part. You don’t need to worry about whether they will find what they want because what they want is right there in front of them at all times—and now can be updated whenever necessary. Kiwi makes setting up digital signage easy with its patent-pending player.

How does Kiwi compare to other players in the market?

Kiwi takes a completely different approach to digital signage. Rather than make it a complex enterprise solution or rely on expensive hardware, Kiwi makes a simple digital signage player that anyone can use. Other companies try to hide their software inside proprietary hardware boxes with clunky interfaces that are only available via costly support contracts. Meanwhile, Kiwi offers its simple-to-use software in its free Windows and OSX applications—no middleware or convoluted systems here. You get all of your information from web services like Weatherbug and Facebook feeds. There is no limit on screen size or video quality so you can project high-resolution video onto any screen you want—even ultra high definition 4k screens for movie theaters!

What are the benefits of using our product?

Simply put, Kiwi is a much cheaper and easier solution than any other digital signage player out there. Other players tend to be expensive or require special hardware or software which are both cost prohibitive and time consuming. With Kiwi, you can simply plug into any TV and start playing content immediately. The benefits of using our product are far reaching including an affordable price point as well as ease of use.

Where can I see real examples of displays power by our product?

See examples of our product in action with customer displays on our website. Please note that since our product can be used by small businesses or large organizations there may be some clients whose displays don’t fit within your expected budget range. We want to encourage you to look at displays from all types of industries and locations. These are just a few examples

Are there any special offers or discounts available for your products?

Kiwi offers a variety of pricing options. Buy one and get one free. Buy two and get three free. There are also price points that can accommodate every budget. Don’t see a solution that fits your needs? Contact our customer service team to customize your order. Are you in need of kiosks? We’ll arrange those as well! Simply tell us how many devices you need. Where they will be used and what kind of environment (temperature) they will be used in most often. Our customer service team can give you an instant quote on any special project or job with no strings attached; so reach out today if Kiwi can help you with anything at all!

What happens when I order your product?

What happens when we receive your order? When you order a Kiwi Digital Signage player from us, we’ll send you a confirmation email. We’ve also given you tracking details so that you can see exactly where your player is at all times. Once it has arrived at our warehouse and we have verified it has arrived and is in good condition. We will package it up with everything you need to plug it into any TV or monitor and get started. You’ll also be sent an email once your player leaves our warehouse and heads to its destination. Most of our shipments reach their destination within three business days (in Canada), but some may take longer depending on where they are being delivered to.

Will installation be necessary? How much does it cost?

Digital signage players need to be installed by a professional and that can cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000 per screen. Kiwi’s installation service is free (for a limited time) as long as you buy at least 10 units; individual installations start at $75. Also, consider that you may want to set up your digital signage in more than one location. For example, some businesses may choose to install a player in their lobby so customers can watch while they wait or in their cafeteria so students can see real-time announcements during lunch hour. After an initial installation fee, it costs only pennies per day to keep your digital signage player running!

Can I get help if I have questions about my display once it is up and running?

The Kiwi software is easy to use and extremely user-friendly. In addition to that, we’re offering unlimited support on how to use our product through our help desk. You can submit questions 24/7 and we’ll respond within one business day. We also offer a training video on our website that shows you how to set up your player once it arrives at your location. If you run into any problems using it or want more information about its capabilities once it is installed, give us a call or send us an email – we’re happy to help!