An Overview Of Completely New And Modern Digital Menu Board Software 2021

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KiwiSign’s digital menu board software enhances the dining experience for today’s restaurant customers. Display menus, photos, and special pricing with our plug-and-play menu board controller and easy-to-use online software. Digital menu boards help to speed up customer orders while providing a user-friendly experience. Use KiwiSign digital menu software for touch screens to power your touch-screen technology and create interactive restaurant menus.

Upgrade your existing menus to digital menu boards and treat your customers to a dynamic, engaging experience. Our menu board software lets you create digital menus that promote your restaurant’s unique brand. Change the menu display automatically for breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts. Update menu selections and prices instantly (from anywhere in the world) with KiwiSign’s app for iPhone and Android. Reduce or eliminate the costs of printing menus, signs, and brochures, or staffing a large floor area.

How To Use Our Digital Menu Board Controller

The KiwiSign menu board controller features an HDMI connector that plugs into any monitor, so it works with most digital display screens. All it needs is a power outlet and a WIFI connection to access the included software. Flexible and easy to set up, the KiwiSign system lets you expand your digital menu at any time. Just add more screens, and connect each one to our cloud software with a KiwiSign menu board controller.

KiwiSign’s menu board controller is powered by software and smartphone apps that are easy for staff to use. All content is downloaded to your KiwiSign devices, for a reliable menu display even when internet connections are inconsistent. Our WiFi downloads save network bandwidth too, so digital menu boards will never slow down your internet connection speeds.

Our affordable digital menu board system is suitable for outdoor use too. An available weather-proof cover makes the KiwiSign menu board controller durable enough for patio or street-side dining.

Menu Board Software Is Easy With Our App

Update prices daily or change the entire menu with our easy-to-use menu board software. Upload your own menu content, images and videos to design a digital menu that aligns with your restaurant’s printed menus and branding. Create unique menus for different meals, days of the week, or special events. The KiwiSign smartphone app makes it easy for restaurant staff to schedule menu displays in advance, edit prices, and add daily specials. Control menu boards across many locations to provide a consistent experience for customers.

Digital Menu Boards: The Best Restaurant Menus

Digital menu boards are the ideal solution for a high-traffic restaurant. They simplify the ordering process, increasing sales and reducing the need for staff. Large-format digital menu boards are easier to read; they can eliminate the need for printed menus, and help stop the spread of germs.

KiwiSign dramatically reduces the cost of installing menu boards by streamlining hardware, eliminating processors and cables, and providing software with support. Since menus are downloaded to your KiwiSign menu board controllers, your displays keep working even if the internet goes down.

Upgrade your digital menu boards to a KiwiSign touch screen ordering system – restaurant customers enjoy the convenient process and sleek, interactive design. Use advance scheduling to automatically change menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts. Restaurants with multiple locations can update menu selections and prices instantly (from anywhere in the world) with KiwiSign’s app for iPhone and Android.

Digital screens have become a cornerstone of our modern lives; most people spend hours daily on a tablet or smartphone. Upgrading restaurant menus and displays to embrace digital menu boards are not only affordable, it makes perfect sense.

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