Outdoor Event Signage Solutions

Outdoor activities are frequently joyous, with games, good food, and a lively atmosphere. They’re also excellent locations for delivering promotional messages! You’ll discover six different styles of banners and outdoor event signs for your event below, so you can get the party started in style

Outdoor Event Signage Options for the Summer Season

Summer is on its way, and we know you’re excited to attract guests to your retail store or restaurant with “fun in the sun” design! Here’s a selection of our Top 5 outdoor signage options that are excellent for the summer season to assist you to decide which custom outdoor signs would look best to display your hot sales and events!

Outdoor Event Signage & Banners

Our services can also include complete set-up and tear-down. For a variety of industries, we’ve created event signage, banners, and graphics for both outdoor and indoor events.

Outdoor event visuals are something we specialize in. Our team can collaborate with event planners to create high-quality graphics and displays that take advantage of all available branding opportunities.

We can supply consistent design and production because of our extensive range of solutions. By ordering all of your brandings from a single source, you can ensure brand consistency throughout the event.

Outdoor Event Graphics

We have the experience to deliver the perfect visual effect for guests at sporting events and music concerts. We can assist you regardless of the size of your event. Not only will our display materials increase the awareness of your events, but they will also increase the visibility of your sponsors. Our crew can create everything from posters and banners to outdoor signage, full wraps, and temporary structures.

Flags, crowd barriers, backdrops, banners, bollard covers, gazebos vinyl graphics, wayfinding signage, and Toblerone signs are among the outdoor event graphics we offer. Please do not hesitate to contact our team with any questions or concerns.

Make your next outdoor event a greater success with custom event signs and sponsor signs

Outdoor signage that advertises, acknowledges, informs, or directs is required for corporate events, performances, athletic events, premieres, grand openings, and other occasions. Of course, you might just want event visuals that add to the party’s fun and festive atmosphere!

Maybe you need to publicize an impending music concert, political rally, or neighborhood event. Or perhaps you’d like to thank the sponsors of a charity golf event or commemorate the opening of a new building or park? Kiwi Sign’s custom outdoor event signs and sponsorship signs can help you make the most of the occasion!

Benefits of Outdoor Event Signage

Before we get into the many forms of outdoor event signage, it’s crucial to understand what these signs can achieve for you. The following is a list of some of the benefits they can provide:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote your products or services
  • Attract customers
  • Direct attendees (i.e., wayfinding signs)
  • Highlight event sponsors
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Draw in new business

Did you know that 68 percent of Americans have bought something because a sign piqued their interest?

Many businesses and event planners find signs appealing because of these advantages. What kinds of indicators may you choose now that you know the benefits?

Outdoor Event Yard Signs

Yard signs are a good option for event signage that provide value and have a dual purpose. They can be utilized as local advertisements to let people know about your event ahead of time.

This type of signage may be utilized to attract more clients and is a very cost-effective approach to promoting your brand. These can also be posted throughout the grounds of your event to ensure that clients are at the correct location on the day of your event.

Outdoor event Banner Signs

Vinyl banners and mesh banners are tried-and-true techniques for promoting an event or displaying signage on-site. Most are equipped with grommets and hems, allowing you to hang them yourself or have your signage provider do it for you. Banners come in a variety of sizes and can be used both inside and outside, giving you more options.

Banners can be used in a variety of ways, including greeting guests at the event door. This multi-purpose signage can also be used to decorate fences and stages.

Sponsor names, logos, and contact information should be included on event banners, especially since these signs will be in full view of audiences throughout the day. Banners can also be used as footpath obstacles to keep pedestrians safe while also promoting the event and its sponsors.

Outdoor Event Tents

Outdoor events are frequently spread out over large grounds, making it difficult for people to traverse. Event tents can help pull people in when they are branded or otherwise recognizable by signage or flags, and they can be tailored based on the occasion.

Concession-stand tents, for example, can advertise the name of the catering firm or even a sample of the menu, such as “Hotdogs and Hamburgers.” It’s straightforward but effective. If your event is a paid event, use tent signage that says “Tickets here” to make the ticket booth simpler to find.

Outdoor Banner Stands

Standing banners include stands to which the banners can be attached. Double-sided or single-sided banners are available. You may also choose from a variety of sizes to suit your demands and your signage budget!

Whether you want vertical or horizontal banner stands, you can utilize them to draw people in or lead them to exhibits, games, speakers, or the concession area. With standing banners, you have a lot of alternatives for navigational, promotional, and informational purposes!

Feather Flags and Flying Signs

Outdoor displays that include flags and flying signs are a fun and effective method to get people’s attention. They frequently wave in the wind, adding natural movement and catching the attention of event guests. To make these alternatives even more intriguing and engaging, you can add text and visuals.

You can select the one that best suits your needs from a variety of shapes and sizes. For a more dramatic impact, combine many flags and flying signs. This type of creative signage can be used for events such as lining a sidewalk leading up to the event’s entranceway.

If it’s a festival, for example, you may use flags or floating placards to draw attention to the food vendors. Flag signs are an excellent technique to draw attention. They provide a more engaging and dynamic experience for visitors than other static, non-moving signage solutions!

Outdoor Event Signage and Displays

Outdoor signage is a vital component of any business strategy. Place sidewalk signs in front of your business to attract customers. Because of their waterproof features, outdoor-rated posters and light box frames advertise 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Other industries, such as real estate, rely on eye-catching displays to help direct potential home buyers to their listings.

Signage Ideas to Improve the Attendee Experience

Signage is a broad phrase that encompasses all types of signage. Signage can take various forms, shapes, and sizes, ranging from store signs to light boxes, banners, A-boards, and more, and the appropriate signage can be a strong marketing tool for your business.


Outdoor events Signage such as fairs, festivals, markets, and tradeshows can help your company gain exposure. However, you’ll need the greatest outdoor event signs to attract the attention of passers-by and spread the word about your products and services. This post will look at nine great examples of event signage that may be used for a variety of occasions.

Benefits of Event Signage

Why would you want to use outdoor event signage in the first place? There are numerous advantages to using high-quality signage, including:

  • Promoting brand awareness
  • Selling more goods and services
  • Drawing in customers and generating leads
  • Guiding event attendees to key locations
  • Showcasing event sponsors or partners

Most Effective Signage Ideas for Outdoor Events

It’s evident that innovative outdoor Event signage can make a significant difference at any outdoor event. So, let’s take a look at nine of the most effective types of signage for a trade show, fair, festival, or other special events.

outdoor Event Digital Signage System

Social Media Photo Zone

When it comes to marketing and brand awareness these days, social media reigns supreme, and harnessing its power may be extremely advantageous. A fantastic method to achieve this is to set up a social media photo zone.

Simply set aside a space for social media images, decorate it with colorful decorations and event-related branding, and encourage guests to take selfies and share them online. This will help your business be visible outside the event, as well as provide entertainment for attendees.

Tips for the Best Outdoor Event Signage

  • Size is key – big venues need big signs.
  • Make sure that the colors and themes of your signs match the theme of the event.
  • Position signs in key places to draw the most attention to them.
  • Think about the weather and pick signs that can stand up to rain and wind.
  • Always buy your signs from trusted, proven brands for the best results.

Final thoughts

Outdoor event signage are crucial marketing tools for advertising your company and offering information to your clients. Because the purpose of creative outdoor signage is to draw attention and effectively communicate information, employing color, contrast, typefaces, and sizes to make it stand out.

Choose the ones that are most appropriate for your company. Please contact us if you are unsure which option is best for your organization. Our professionals will advise you on the best outside event signage options.