There are many reasons why someone might need to schedule a room, whether it’s for use by an office or to have it available when hosting an event. In either case, having to go through a complicated process of scheduling the room can be frustrating and time-consuming. But that’s no longer an issue with KiwiSign Room Schedule Signs, which can be used with any dry-erase marker and never requires you to use tape or tools of any kind. Simply write on the sign using your own handwriting and you’re done!

What is it?

When it comes to scheduling a room, life is easier when you have options. With KiwiSign’s Video Walls System and Room Schedule Signs, scheduling rooms has never been simpler or more efficient. The room schedule is displayed in real-time on the large flat screen in each meeting room and updates as needed; it displays the guest names and details of each appointment. Best of all, you can integrate Google Calendar with your system and use that as your source for booking appointments or create an open calendar so everyone can see who has booked which meeting rooms. And don’t worry about making mistakes—you can update appointments as often as you need to ensure that everything stays up-to-date. Want to bring video conferencing into your workplace? You can do that too!

How does it work?

The answer lies in our video walls system. This is what sets us apart from any other room scheduling solution out there. Rather than one sign per room, we give you two full-sized displays; you simply hang them on either side of your door. Allowing anyone to see and understand that a room is scheduled at any given time. We offer three packages: Pivot (2×2), Wide (3×2), and Retina (4×2). If you’re looking for an even bigger display solution, check out our partner company Show Check who will be happy to help!

Why was it created?

Ever since rooms were created, scheduling them has been a tricky business. We’ve all had to figure out clever ways to mark room availability (sometimes at great expense). Thankfully, that’s all changed now that KiwiSign is here. The thought behind Room Sign was pretty simple: why not just allow employees to reserve rooms via an electronic interface? Each conference room equipped with a video wall system can have its own personalized schedule sign for employees to use at any time. And even better – there are no more counters or switches! Let’s take a look at how Room Sign works and what it does differently from its predecessors.

Where do you find it?

Well, where do you look for a space to meet? The receptionist’s desk? The notice board? Nowadays, you probably use your phone to find available rooms, but that involves one or more of these 3 issues: 1) You may not have access to your work email on your phone 2) It’s time-consuming and often inaccurate 3) People who don’t have an employee-issued smartphone are left out. All three of these issues can be solved by having one room schedule sign that everyone can access! That way everyone is using their common tool for all company communication.

Who can use it?

With KiwiSign, anyone can book meeting rooms. And companies are finding that not only does it make scheduling a breeze but it also creates an environment where users are more likely to help one another out. Whether they’re seeing their co-workers enjoy additional collaborative space or they’re making more efficient use of room utilization, your users will absolutely love you for installing KiwiSign. And guess what? We think you’ll like them too!

Who developed it?

Seth Whipple, CEO of It’s Mine Software, developed it. There were issues with room-scheduling software in his previous company and he decided to fix it. He set out three goals: simplicity, mobile use, and design. It took about six months to develop and is being used by over 100 companies all over Europe. Now that It’s Mine Software has some traction, Whipple’s looking to add offices across Europe as well as add more features based on feedback from users. We asked him for more details about what users are asking for most (and are surprised aren’t already there) but he declined to give specifics so we’ll update when he tells us more.

Why did they develop it?

We wanted to build a product that would keep our customers happy, said Peter Ponzio, co-founder of TeleTech. So we started there. KiwiSign provides sleek, modern scheduling screens which let users book meetings as easily as reserving a hotel room on Expedia or checking in at an airport kiosk, he continued. The web-based system is completely customizable and allows users to schedule events from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. We wanted to build a product that would keep our customers happy, said Peter Ponzio, co-founder of TeleTech.