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One of the key components to any digital signage hardware and software. In this article, we’ll discuss what hardware you need to get your displays up and running, as well as how much it will cost and where you can buy it from. We’ll also discuss some of the features that are worth paying extra for. Learn all about digital signage hardware by clicking here!

Other Accessories

In addition to a computer or media player, you’ll need a digital signage solution that includes software and support. A digital signage system will also require a display, which can be an LCD, LED, plasma, or projector screen. You might also need a mount for your display. Other accessories might include speakers, a network cable, or an HDMI cable. Finally, you’ll need power sources such as power strips and surge protectors.

A/V Devices

There are many different types of digital signage solutions, but they all have one thing in common: they require a technology platform to operate. A digital signage system can be as simple as a single display connected to a computer, or as complex as a network of displays connected to a central server. But no matter the size or complexity of the system, it will need some form of technology platform to function.

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Technology Platforms

At its core, a digital signage system consists of three main components: content management software (CMS), a media player, and a display. Most digital signage solutions also include a fourth component: a network that connects the CMS, media player, and display. The devices can be connected in-house or externally through a third-party service provider. Some digital signage solutions are not as complex as others with only one device for displaying information, such as TVs or monitors. These are considered simple digital signage systems since they don’t require an advanced piece of technology like an LCD panel.

The four components can be mixed and matched to create a solution for any business type.

Digital Signage System

A digital signage system is made up of both software and hardware. The hardware includes displays, media players, cabling, and mounts. The software is what makes the system function and usually includes a content management system (CMS), scheduling software, and sometimes even interactivity features. Displays range from small LCD screens to large video walls. Media players are used to store and playback content. Cabling connects everything together, while mounts are used to secure displays in place.


Digital signage is a great way to advertise or communicate with customers, but it does require some investment in terms of hardware. In this blog post, we took a look at some of the necessary hardware components for digital signage solutions. By understanding what’s needed, you can be better prepared to create a digital signage system that meets your needs. Thanks for reading!