Touch Screen Digital Signage System That Captivate

Interactive Touch Screen Digital Signage System in sizes ranging from 7″ to 65″ that is both powerful and unique. Our interactive digital signage displays are commercial-grade and designed to engage your viewers by serving as an interactive billboard.

Kiwi signs interactive touch screen solutions deliver high-impact experiences, from interactive digital displays to interactive touch screen.

Redefine Retail with Interactive Touch Screen Digital Signage System

Brands are no longer fighting to be the first to adopt new technology; instead, they are trying to offer the finest interactive Touch Screen Digital Signage System experience for their customers using the latest technology. With an interactive digital screen, you can extend your brand experience while facilitating in-store e-commerce. Omni shoppers demand the same experience on the web, on their phones, and in stores. With a selection of limitless aisle touch screen digital signage systems, you can provide them with the greatest of online convenience in-store.

Drive Engagement & Collaboration

Our interactive Touch Screen Digital Signage System in large format makes it simple to improve comprehension, increase collaboration, and boost productivity. Begin by streamlining your meetings and enhancing presentations with compelling content that will leave an indelible impact.

Visitor Management for the Modern Workplace

Managing visitors is a difficult task. With our interactive touch screen visitor management solutions, you can save time on employees, boost security, and provide a smooth experience for your visitors. Your visitors will be made to feel welcome, from lobby check-in to interactive wayfinding and meeting room signs.

Manage Your Meeting

Using our interactive digital displays, showroom schedules outside each conference and huddle room door to increase efficiencies and avoid confusion.

Next Generation Digital Signage Software ‍for Businesses

Put your target audience in charge to enhance engagement. People can learn about your company, explore your exhibition, find your products, or simply be entertained with interactive digital signage.

Our interactive digital signage software enables you to create memorable and compelling experiences that boost user engagement, brand loyalty, and preference quantification.

Highly functional applications for any audience

Create beautiful, high-functioning apps for any audience, and interact with them via mobile devices, multi-touch displays, and any external input device such as sensors and linked items in the Internet of Things. Use your own data and material and don’t make any changes. If you can design a slide, you can make completely interactive signage that will delight your customers while intimidating your competitors. Plus, because Kiwi Sign is built on HTML5, it’s future-proof!

Signage software that takes a no-code approach

All of this was accomplished without writing a single line of code. It’s your design, storyboard, and layout, with all of your own content. Images, videos, documents, 3D models, webpages, and more may all be used to control every pixel. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can get strong results quickly.

How to use interactive Touch Screen Digital Signage System

So, how can you put this interactive digital signage software to work for you? It can be used for both public and private touch screen digital signage. Kiwi Sign can also be used by agencies to design digital signage solutions and systems for clients in any industry. Kiwi Sign, as the greatest digital signage software on the market, will allow you to tackle everything from digital signage apps to interactive digital signage experiences that will exceed any audience’s expectations. Your quest for digital signage software is over.

Interactive Activation for Touch Screen Digital Signage System

Allow customers to interact with your digital signage panels by allowing them to TOUCH, SWIPE, and INTERACT with them.

An innovative set of “Interactive” Digital Signage solutions that may be used with any mix of Digital Signage and Posters, Window Displays, Kiosks, and Mobile Devices.

Interactive Digital Signage for Touch and Gesture

Turn your dull digital signage – which everyone passes by – into a really interactive “Touch” experience to increase customer engagement. Ideal for Interactive Digital Posters, Advertising, and Educational Displays.

  • Touch, Swipe, and Interact with the screen
  • Click the QR code to download to your mobile
  • Interact with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Geo location and RFID activated.
  • Simple, fast and inexpensive Digital Signage deployment, using stock IR Touch Screen and micro PC / Player combinations.

Interactive Interfaces for immersive ‘Customer Engagement

Our interactive Apps offer highly animated interfaces and work on the latest generation of natural touch smart ‘touch’ screens, as well as screens for gesture enabled with 3D cameras and our interactive Apps. All of the interfaces may be easily switched between landscape and portrait modes.

Omni-Channel Delivery.  Large Screen to Mobile

Our solutions are based on a unique blend of in-house apps and internet access. The core interface Apps and content are ‘resident’ on the chosen devices, with access to specified webpages/data, updating, and administration requiring only an internet connection.

Instantaneous viewing speed, no internet lag, reliability, independent operation, and no downtime if your internet connections go down are all advantages of this unique combo.

Our turnkey App solutions can be deployed in a matter of weeks without the need for costly IT development and infrastructure.

Global CMS Control and Updating from your Desk

Kiwi Sign’s touch App solutions work independently on any device, requiring only a simple internet connection for administration, updating, and reporting from our central CMS for speed and dependability.

From your desk, you can control and refresh your content throughout your entire Digital Signage, Kiosk, and Mobile device network as often as you like. Our turnkey App solutions can be deployed in a matter of weeks without the need for costly IT development and infrastructure.

Touch Screen Digital Signage System

These are complete touch screen digital signage solutions that come with everything you need. There will be no surprises. There are no recurring charges. Simply tell us what your goals are and what characteristics you require when placing your order. We’ll then develop all of the material and visuals from scratch, set up the media player and software, and provide you with a complete solution that’s ready to go.

Interactive Digital Signage / Touch Screen Displays

Customers can get involved with interactive displays, which range from touch screens to mobile devices to kiosks. Adding interactivity to a digital signage network opens up new worlds of possibilities for both businesses and consumers.

Interactive displays lead the way in retail

There was a time when simple video loops or motion sensors prompting voice call-to-actions broke the mold in experiential marketing displays. Many of today’s interactive retail displays go even further with creative ways to promote and demo products, building on the foundation laid by these features.

It’s no wonder that cutting-edge brands are incorporating distinctive components into their merchandising strategies. Not only does technology allow for data collecting, but it also fascinates customers and motivates them to discover new things. Interactive displays can ultimately lead to increased customer education and brand loyalty.

Merchandising displays with touchscreens

Kiosks have been revolutionizing our daily lives for decades. It’s easy to forget that touchscreen weren’t previously the standard when ordering food, paying for parking, or checking bags.

Some firms have augmented merchandising displays with touchscreens to provide shoppers with a hands-on experience because the technology is well-established and frequently used nowadays. Shopping an infinite aisle, checking up on further product information, or customizing items are all common uses.

When it created its current “Voices of Color” retail initiative, PPG, a global manufacturer of paints, coatings, and specialty materials, saw the value of putting a touchscreen into its paint chip display.

Customers can use the interactive retail display to:

  • Scan paint chips and view the color selections in a variety of environments and placements.
  • Discover complementary color recommendations.
  • Email or save favorites that can later be pulled up on a device at home.