An Overview Of Latest Video Wall Screen Systems 2021 At Affordable Prices

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Upgrade your lobby, trade show display or conference venue with a video wall screen system from KiwiSign. Our affordable, plug-and-play system quickly transforms your space with a sleek, modern video wall. Display daily conference room schedules, rotating sign content and product information, or play explainer videos in 4k resolution. Use existing screens, or let us help you build the best video screen configuration for your project. KiwiSign eliminates expensive hardware purchases and installation fees with a single platform for digital signage and video displays.

A Simple Video Wall Controller That Uses WiFi

KiwiSign’s video wall controller instantly turns any TV or monitor into a custom video display. Control a bank of video screens from your laptop, or use a smartphone with the KiwiSign app for iPhone and Android. Our small device connects to an HDMI port and uses WiFi connections to eliminate the need for complex wiring. Our patent-pending Low Bandwidth Control System doesn’t require streaming, so it won’t slow your internet speed. Videos are stored on the device for continuous content play, even during an internet outage. The KiwiSign video wall control system supports a broad range of image formats, 4K Video, and interactive touchscreen content.

The Best Video Wall Screens For Fast Setup

KiwiSign’s versatile device connects to any TV monitor, so you can choose the best screen size, orientation, and resolution for your venue. Connect all the screens you need to create the ultimate video wall screen – with no wiring necessary. KiwiSign helps you to quickly create a custom video display that’s a perfect fit for your space. Our complete video wall system includes specially selected, high-quality screens with KiwiSign’s video wall controllers installed. All you need is a WiFi connection and power outlets to set up your new video wall.

Easy-To-Use Video Wall Control Software

To be effective, large video wall screens must be easy for users to program and operate. At KiwiSign, we design all of our products with the user in mind. Our Video Wall Control Software has an intuitive interface; its web-based format operates smoothly across different operating systems. The simple dashboard makes it easy for almost anyone to upload content, automate playback, and schedule content at specific dates and times. Display meeting room schedules and post changes to conference schedules instantly.

Scalable Video Wall Systems

Flexible and easy to set up, the KiwiSign digital display system lets you expand your video wall screen at any time. Just add more screens, and connect each one to our video wall screen systems cloud software with a KiwiSign video wall controller. Our scalable video walls make it easy to create modern video and information displays for trade shows, conference centers, control rooms, board rooms, corporate signage, and educational spaces. Easily add video displays to an unlimited number of locations, and control every screen through our cloud-based software.

Video Walls For Lobby And Conference Displays

Transform your lobby, collaboration spaces, and conference rooms with integrated video wall screens. Every KiwiSign video wall system is custom designed. We install our high-quality screens with mounting systems that integrate the video wall seamlessly into your interior design. Planning a conference? Impress clients and visitors with a cutting-edge wall of video; display meeting room schedules, promotional videos, and brand messaging with ease.

Cost-Effective, Reliable Video Wall Screens

KiwiSign dramatically reduces the cost of installing a video wall by streamlining hardware, eliminating processors and cables, and providing software and apps that are easy to use. All content is downloaded to your KiwiSign devices, for a reliable video display even when internet connections are inconsistent. Our WiFi downloads save network bandwidth too, so a video display wall will never slow down your customers’ internet connection speeds.

 Want To Know More?

Create your own video wall screen with a custom system from KiwiSign. For information and design consultation, contact KiwiSign today.

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