Introducing Modern Video Wall Screens

Video Wall System

What are Video Wall Screen Solutions?

Upgrade your trade and conference space with the help of the KiwiSign video wall screen system. Our system is designed to transform any wall into a modern and sleek screen so that you can easily relay information, graphics, and videos to your guests.

KiwiSign offers a variety of video wall screens that range in size, resolution, and technology. When working with KiwiSign, you are guaranteed to get a wall screen that matches your exact needs, preferences, and intent.

How To Find The Best Video Wall System?

Our video wall system is complete with the screen and video wall controller. The system is incredibly straightforward and intuitive, so you don’t have to waste time figuring out how the model works.

Simply control the video wall screen with the video wall controller. This controller works much like a television remote in that it controls all aspects of the screen.

Video Wall System

What Is Video Wall Controller?

KiwiSign knows that no system is useful if it is convoluted and not intuitive. With a device as large as a wall screen, it is important that its users can effectively operate the system. We design all of our products with the user in mind, and this includes our video wall screen.

Despite the modern and sleek design, the KiwiSign wall screen is incredibly easy to use. With the help of the video wall controller, you can easily adjust, change, and turn on/off the wall with the simple click of a button.

Video Wall Controller
Video Wall Screen


Transform your trade and conference space with the sleek design of the KiwiSign video wall system.

Our system looks modern and cutting-edge, ensuring that it captivates your audience. Between the impressive graphics and nimble design, our video wall system invites your customers to step into the future.

Works with Your Design

KiwiSign incorporates your vision into the wall screen. We install our wall screens so that they match your intended installation depth and mounting system. By working with the KiwiSign team, your wall screen vision becomes a sleek, easy-to-use, and affordable reality.

Video Wall Screen Solutions
Video Wall Screen


Traditional wall video screens cost a fortune, but the KiwiSign video wall system is highly affordable. By only costing a fraction of the price of other methods, you can save money while getting a product that is modern, dependable, and easy to use.

Want to Find Out More?

Interested in creating your own video wall? Contact KiwiSign today for questions and a consolation. We want to make your vision come to life.