Why You Need to Upgrade to a Video Wall Screen Display

Once you’ve designed and furnished your perfect trade or conference space, there’s one thing that can still be missing from the equation to complete it—a video wall screen display! A video wall is one of the best ways to effectively relay information to guests and present them with relevant content while they are in your space. It’s versatile, cost-effective, and stylish—what more could you ask for? Here are some reasons why you should upgrade to a video wall screen display in your next trade show or conference space design project!

See Everything

Video wall screen display solutions are designed to make your meeting room schedule displays easier. Touch screen digital signage software is easy to use and allows you to create interactive content for all of your screens so that everyone can see everything. Make sure that your meeting room setup is convenient for you and your attendees by installing a video wall system today.

Include all Important Details

Video wall screen systems have become an essential part of any modern trade show or conference. These systems allow you to relay important information and graphics seamlessly to your guests without having them squint at any projection screens. The video wall system is comprised of HDTV displays, video processors, and video players. On each display, you can play your own custom content or choose from pre-programmed videos by our team of designers. If you’re looking for new ways to streamline communication during events and trade shows in Los Angeles, New York City, or Dallas—contact KiwiSign today!

Provide a Wider Viewpoint

We’ve all heard of virtual reality—you put on your headset and feel like you’re actually in another place. While we don’t have that technology quite yet, video wall screens can provide a similar experience. Video walls take advantage of multiple monitors or screens to provide a panoramic view of information. At trade shows and conferences, video walls are especially popular because they allow attendees to get an idea of what booths look like without spending time going from booth to booth. This gives you extra time for networking with clients and leads without worrying about lost business opportunities. Plus, when it comes time for a sale, your booth will stick out among all others! If you want more information about how video wall screens can help your business, contact us today!

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Offer Endless Customization Options

Video wall systems offer endless customization options for all businesses. With so many display products on the market, it can be difficult to find one that works for your business specifically. KiwiSign offers pre-built video wall systems that are already built and fully customizable, which makes it easy to deliver high-quality video experiences at a low cost. Our team of experts will also work with you individually to build custom video wall displays based on your specific needs and requirements. Our range of offerings is second-to-none in terms of flexibility and we’re ready to help you create a branded screen that you can be proud of.

Listen to Your Customers

Listening to your customers’ wants and needs can help you decide what kind of video wall screen is right for your business. For example, if your business focuses on outdoor activities, you may want something that will stand up against harsh weather conditions. If you own an indoor gym or activity center, you may need a more durable screen so it doesn’t get damaged by vigorous use. All KiwiSign video wall screens are made with top-of-the-line components and come with multiple ways of setting them up in different settings so that they are always suitable for what your business needs. If any part of our system breaks down, we also have 24/7 live chat support in order to help out our clients as soon as possible.

Stay in Control at All Times

When you’re hosting an event or working on live television, it’s impossible to stay in control of your message when everyone else is in charge of your screen. Video wall screens allow you to project, edit, and display videos at any time and place. Whether you’re waiting for the right moment during a presentation or trying to attract viewers during a live broadcast, video wall screens offer complete flexibility that will surely benefit your business needs. Even if you aren’t planning an event, displaying several informational videos on one screen offers visitors another way of learning about your products or services while they wait.

Introducing Modern Video Wall Screens

Video wall screens are all over Silicon Valley, and they’re very popular because they can deliver information and videos in an engaging way. In fact, most of these devices have moved beyond giant TV territory and can be viewed in person or on camera as modern wall-sized displays. These video walls are great for trade shows and conferences because they give you so much more flexibility with your messaging. It’s easier than ever to create stunning visuals from text, photos, videos, animations, etc., which leads to higher engagement from your audience. If you don’t have one of these screens yet, it’s time for you to check out our video wall system for yourself.

What are Video Wall Screen Solutions?

Video wall screen solutions are becoming increasingly popular in commercial spaces because they provide you with an efficient way to relay information and visuals. Think of them as giant, high-definition TVs that also allow you to interact directly with your customers. People respond positively when you provide them with a service or product that is personalized, but it takes a lot of time and effort on your part if you’re trying to handle everything on your own. Video wall screen solutions offer an easy alternative. Just upload or stream whatever media or information you’d like displayed and voila! Your clients can see exactly what they need from where they are standing in front of it–no matter how far away they might be sitting at their tables or standing around at their booths.

How To Find The Best Video Wall System?

There are many factors that will influence your decision, including wall dimensions, how often you need to change content, and who will be controlling it. Thankfully, there are some great ways to find and decide on a system that fits your needs perfectly. We’ve put together some general guidelines for finding out what system is best for you in our infographic (below). If you want more detailed information about choosing and setting up a video wall screen or LCD display system, check out our Guide To Video Wall Displays.

What Is Video Wall Controller?

A video wall controller, also known as a display processor, is an integral part of any video wall or video screen display system. This is due to its important role in managing every single pixel on your media screens, transforming their output into smooth animations and crisp images. The best option for your business will depend on numerous factors such as screen size, format resolution, and scalability. If you need help deciding which one is right for you, contact our customer service team today. We’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you need.


A video wall is an impressive way to wow guests and visitors. It draws attention with its high-tech feel, large screen, and numerous monitors. Whether you’re upgrading your trade show space or setting up your sales floor, you’ll see an immediate impact on customer engagement when you install our video wall solutions. Customers are more likely to engage with your products when they have engaging visuals in front of them—and that’s what we deliver with our sleek system of monitors. With upgraded screens made from scratch-resistant materials, it will be easy for you to create excitement around your brand name. Also, people are more likely to become loyal customers if they get excited about your brand from their first experience with it!

Works with Your Design

The KiwiSign video wall screen system is perfect for meeting rooms, trade shows, and any other type of space where you want your information to be seen by many people at once. The high-quality screen can display video content on various video inputs. The large format allows you to show detailed imagery from many angles so that no one misses out on seeing your presentation. If you’re concerned about aesthetics, don’t worry. Our frames are made with an aluminum alloy that has an anodized surface, which means it’s smooth and corrosion-resistant. It also provides a modern look that will work well in any design scheme. Make sure that everyone sees all your presentation graphics in crystal-clear HD when you order our systems today!


Do you have a limited budget? KiwiSign video wall screens allow you to create an impressive display without draining your funds. We’ve created three different pricing options so that you can choose which system works best for your company, each one offering unique advantages and benefits. Check out our video wall solutions today and find out how you can transform your space with an affordable, modernized display.

LCD Video Wall Highlights

Our video wall system creates an interactive and dynamic space that’s perfect for trade shows, conferences, and more. With our help, you can set up a video wall within 30 minutes so that you’ll have plenty of time to focus on what really matters: your attendees! The real power of our video wall lies in its ability to convey information easily and effectively. Unlike other similar products on the market, our LCD screens are not only easy to install but also energy efficient. And since we offer screen options in various sizes (4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 8×8, or 10×10), you can customize your screen for all occasions!

LCD Video Wall Solutions

How Do They Work? LCD video wall solutions are one of today’s most popular projection technology options for both residential and commercial use. In fact, it’s now possible to purchase a large-scale screen for under $10,000 which is much less than traditional display technologies such as plasma and DLP. But what makes these new-age video walls so effective? How do they actually work? Here’s everything you need to know about LCD video wall solutions: ***These screens are typically comprised of multiple monitors but not all; they can be constructed using LCD panels that are operated independently of each other. The individual units often range in size from 10 – 100 diagonally.

Create beautiful video wall experiences

Video wall screens can turn any room into an immersive experience for everyone in attendance. Imagine how impactful your conference or tradeshow space would be if your audience were surrounded by content, graphics, and videos. With KiwiSign video wall systems, you’ll get crystal-clear images with vibrant colors displayed across your entire display surface. Our expert engineers will work with you throughout every step of the design to ensure that your unique requirements are incorporated into your final product. If you want beautiful video walls on par with today’s technological standards, we can provide you with what you need at affordable prices. Contact us today!

LCD video walls and digital signage

How and why do you need them, the advantages of using LCD screens in your business, and what are some of today’s best practices for digital signage? Learn more about KiwiSign video wall screen systems and find out how they can enhance your experience at trade shows and conferences. Our video walls come in multiple sizes, with different screen options so that you can find one that works best for your space. Get details on our products and services here!

Virtually seamless video walls

Our video wall system is sleek and easy to operate. Each of our screens is an individual, removable display, so you can arrange them in virtually any configuration. Once you’ve created your setup, we’ll show you how easy it is to manage your content and control them with a single remote or control panel. Whether it’s bright white business graphics or vivacious video streams, your audience will be able to see everything clearly at any time of day. And because each of our displays are built from commercial-grade LED panels with minimal backlight leakage, our panels will be sharp and effective even from tight angles.

Consistent picture quality in any light

Just like when you look at your TV or computer screen, light, and color affect how you see what’s on video screens. Our digital media signs produce bright and even images across a dynamic color spectrum, so your message can be seen clearly no matter what time of day or what angle you’re viewing it from. Additionally, they’re designed with an anti-glare finish that reduces distracting reflection and doesn’t strain viewers’ eyes. Put simply: You won’t find another trade show solution that works better than our video wall screen display system.

Reliable LCD digital signage

When looking at upgrading your company’s signage, it can be helpful to work with an LCD digital signage provider who has years of experience. For nearly two decades, KiwiSign has helped companies create, manage and upgrade their digital signage. Our team of experts can also help you decide on which solutions will fit your trade or conference space best. Contact us today for more information about our video wall solutions or upgrades available for your current display!

LCD vs. direct-view LED video walls

LED video walls have become very popular over LCD displays. However, not everyone can afford LED screens; if you’re looking for something more cost-effective than LED screens, then LCD displays are still an option. The main difference between LCD and direct-view LED screen displays is that LCD is backlit with fluorescent light, while direct-view LED display does not use any backlighting instead each pixel on its screen illuminates itself when it needs to project light. The latter are generally pricier than LCDs, but if you’re looking for a large format presentation solution that doesn’t require anything but plugging in your video source, then they could be worth checking out.

Resources to plan and make the most of your LCD video wall installation

In-depth explanation of how these LCD video wall solutions work, and why they’re an excellent choice for improving your trade show space. Videos of our products in action to show you what we can do for your next conference or event. Tips for choosing between single and multi-display video walls. Downloadable brochures with detailed specs and information on each display option. Customer reviews from some of our happy clients who have already benefited from one of our dynamic displays! Contact information if you’d like us to come help plan your next big trade show installation or business meeting—we’ll even provide you with an estimate. If you’re ready for a dynamic upgrade, contact us today!

Discover related signage solutions

Video wall screens are not as common in trade shows and conferences as they should be. The reason is simple: they’re expensive! It doesn’t have to be that way. There are other ways of creating video walls. When you buy KiwiSign’s video wall screen system, you’ll get four screens that, when aligned correctly and combined with our proprietary software, will transform any wall into a video display. You don’t need that many screens? Try two or three! With our solution, it’s all about options. And flexibility. And affordability. That’s why we think every business should invest in one of these video wall systems for their next event or conference.

LCD panels for impressive video walls

When trying to find a way to attract more attention at your next trade show or conference, consider setting up one of our video wall displays. Not only will you be able to attract more foot traffic and add visual interest, but you’ll also improve engagement and boost sales by presenting an array of images in real-time. Our clear LCD panels are versatile and are easily viewable from multiple angles with impressive high-resolution results. For example, they can support presentations, videos, still images, online content, and much more. Find out what we have in store for your next event today!

LCD video walls

While they used to be an option only available in trade shows and corporate boardrooms, LCD video walls are now affordable enough for any space that needs an impressive screen. They’re ideal for lobby displays, reception desks, campuses, airports, and more. In fact, many businesses use them as their main screen. After all, there’s nothing quite like an impressive video wall when it comes to attracting new customers or even potential hires.